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AMD Global Telemedicine Announces Strategic Partnership with Olea Kiosks

AMD Global Telemedicine Inc. (AMD), the pioneer of clinical Telemedicine Encounter Management Solutions (TEMS) ®, and Olea Kiosks Inc, the premier global designer and manufacturer of self-service kiosks, announce a partnership to deliver customized kiosks for telehealth applications. The two long-standing healthcare vendors have combined their engineering and technology resources to offer a solution that addresses increasing demands for areas such as chronic disease management,…

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The Faceoff: Kiosks vs. Tablets in HR and Health Care

The choice between a tablet and a full-size kiosk comes down to the purpose for which it will be used. Although kiosk technology is becoming commonplace in a variety of verticals, areas where it has had a particular impact include both human resources and health care. On the human resources side, many companies are placing job application kiosks in retail stores or other…

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Healthcare by Kiosk Promises to Improve Access, Lower Costs, Part II

As market forces drive telehealth to the headlines, kiosks can play a vital role in its adoption. In Part I (read it here), we examined the economic climate that has proved conducive to the development of telehealth as a new model of healthcare. Here, we explore deployment of the model via self-service kiosk. Open wide and say ‘kiosk’ Some analysts believe self-service kiosks…

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Telehealth Kiosks to Improve Access, Costs, Part I

By delivering services where consumers live and work, telehealth providers eye a new, more efficient channel for medical care. No matter what a person’s political persuasion may be, there’s one thing on which nearly everyone can agree: Healthcare costs continue to rise despite efforts to rein them in. Fortunately, telehealth and self-service kiosks can offer relief. Read Part II here … The U.S….

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5 Ways Healthcare Kiosks Are Coming to the Aid of Healthcare

In the past couple of years, the healthcare industry has grown to a total value of over $3 trillion. While revenues are up with millions of additional people seeking treatment, the influx of new patients is putting a strain on efficiency for many medical providers.
According to one report, better utilization of self-service technologies and the digitization of medical records can help medical organizations gain billions of revenue dollars over the next decade. As a result, many innovative healthcare administrators are turning to healthcare kiosks to help accelerate the transition toward stronger security, greater efficiency and higher patient satisfaction.

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Press Release: Olea Kiosks Dominates Innovation Awards

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Self-service leader in healthcare, gaming and other verticals is top vote-getter in multiple categories in competition. Olea Kiosks has dominated the inaugural Most Innovative Kiosk Awards. Industry news and information leader held the competition to determine the most innovative kiosks in eight deployment categories. The results were announced earlier today, March 1, 2017. Not only did Olea win all…

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