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The Benefits of Telehealth and How Can It Help With COVID-19 Pandemic

Telemedicine allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients at a distance using technology. While the concept has been through a massive evolution in the last decade, it is becoming an increasingly more important piece of the healthcare infrastructure.   With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote medical consultation seems to make even more sense today. Telemedicine, in its early stages…

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The Faceoff: Kiosks vs. Tablets in HR and Health Care

The choice between a tablet and a full-size kiosk comes down to the purpose for which it will be used. Although kiosk technology is becoming commonplace in a variety of verticals, areas where it has had a particular impact include both human resources and health care. On the human resources side, many companies are placing job application kiosks in retail stores or other…

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Healthcare by Kiosk Promises to Improve Access, Lower Costs, Part II

As market forces drive telehealth to the headlines, kiosks can play a vital role in its adoption. In Part I (read it here), we examined the economic climate that has proved conducive to the development of telehealth as a new model of healthcare. Here, we explore deployment of the model via self-service kiosk. Open wide and say ‘kiosk’ Some analysts believe self-service kiosks…

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Hospital Kiosks: Your Rx for Keeping Patient Records Safe

Throughout medical history, physicians have followed the ethical guidelines of the Hippocratic oath, which includes the solemn promise to keep patient information strictly confidential. This commitment to privacy has become tougher as healthcare providers have begun to modernize through digitization, and hospital kiosks can play a key role in helping IT departments keep sensitive information secure. New Federal Laws Challenge Providers to Digitize…

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What Are Multi-Touch Kiosks?

Most of us in today’s world of high-tech personal devices are very familiar with the touch screen. Mobile phones, tablets, and even laptop computers come equipped with touchscreens. Many of us probably even take them for granted. But a multi-touch kiosk is a newer technology that allows for multiple points of contact on the screen that can control simultaneous movements. Instead of being…

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Multi-Touch Kiosks Can Improve Customer Experience and Build Loyalty

Today, the emphasis of improving user experience is more important than ever as improved user experience builds repeat and loyal customers who will be more likely to share your product or service with friends and family. One way that customer experience can be significantly improved and streamlined is through the use of multi-touch kiosks. The following are a few examples of industries that…

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