Why Restaurant Kiosks Work for Customers and Owners

Kiosk Applications, QSR and Fast Casual Dining

‘’Happy days for Happy Meals’’ are here again.
McDonald’s Stock has rebounded nicely over the last couple of years. Not only is the news good for McDonald’s, but for their competitors as well. One report predicts QSR (or Quick Service Restaurants) and fast casual brands combined will super-size by 5 percent compared to last year’s numbers, ringing up a juicy $233 billion in sales. As CEOs exhale a sigh of relief and let their belts out a notch, many food businesses are now turning to self-service restaurant kiosks to help sustain the growth, trying to satisfy the growing customer appetite for digital, customizable and efficient service.

For Customers, Self-Service is Convenient and Comfortable

Self-Service Restaurant KioskThe millennial generation—the fastest growing market segment—has driven the charge of many of the top quick serve restaurants to turn to self-service. Research shows that more than 70 percent of these 18-34-year-olds prefer to order food electronically, as they find value in being able to easily split bills with their friends, pay with the latest NFC mobile or card technologies and customize orders.
Moreover, some of the most innovative brands are building loyalty among millennials by unveiling dynamic programs that allow customers to save favorite orders or customized entrées. Data say that more than 95 percent of millennials have at least one restaurant rewards membership, and restaurant kiosks make program signup and rewards on-the-spot convenient—just the way this impatient generation likes it.
The benefits of quick serve restaurant kiosks reach past millennials. According to one study, almost 60 percent of people 35-54 say they prefer self-service, while a whopping 35 percent of people 55 and older say they would use digital options to order food as well.


Owners Can Increase Foot Traffic and See Larger Transactions

Kiosks in QSRs and fast casuals also can increase ticket averages. This is because a kiosk can be programmed to always ask for up-sells and cross-sells. Humans, however, often elide the step, either through shyness, being in a hurry or forgetfulness. One national chain reported that the average bill was 20 percent higher when customers used self-service ordering.
When staff who are no longer taking orders are redeployed to food prep or cleaning, restaurant through-put increases and the overall customer experience improves. Over time, this leads to increases in foot traffic and year-over-year revenue.

How Self-Ordering Kiosks Are Revolutionizing the Restaurant Industry

Without a doubt we can say that the time for self-service restaurant kiosks has come! Just like mobile apps, self-ordering kiosks give your restaurant a unique advantage over other businesses. Adapting to fast-changing markets and technologies is always a good thing, and the more options customers have to order, the better. For that reason, restaurant kiosks are a great way to diversify and can work hand-in-hand with orders received through mobile apps (which one the customer will use in the end will depend of their preferences).
There has been steady growth in the demand for self-order kiosks in the restaurant industry. Most likely, this will keep increasing in the coming years.

The Advantages of Restaurant Kiosks: A Complete Overview

For the Customer:

Convenience is Priority Number 1

Using a self-ordering kiosk system in a restaurant is just very convenient. Instead of waiting in line to get your order, you can now use one of those strategically placed kiosks. This gives you more options how you want to order your food. It’s also a lot faster. The efficiency and shorter waiting time make self-order kiosks the preferred option for many millennials.
Happy customers = repeat customers
Self-service restaurant kiosks

Extremely Easy to modify each item in an order

Modifying an item on the menu is getting really easy for the customer. The customer can now navigate through an interactive menu to see all the options and select the specific customizations that meet their preferences. The large touchscreen is easy to use and usually displays a variety of different food products like meat, bread, toppings, and other items.
Also, since the user enters the order directly into the restaurant kiosk, there will be less human error and customer satisfaction will improve as well. This encourages the customer to customize their orders again on any future visits, increasing overall customer satisfaction.
For the Owner:

Restaurant Kiosks Turn Profits Quickly

Because of the other benefits mentioned above, QSR kiosks take surprisingly little time to pay for themselves. One prominent national restaurant chain recently tested self-service ordering with a 200-store deployment and found that the project paid for itself in a mere 24 weeks. It also increases year-over-year revenue thanks to the increase in average ticket value.

Productivity of your restaurant improves

The productivity of your restaurant can increase significantly thanks to these self-ordering kiosks. The restaurant kiosk ordering system will reduce labor costs. Labor costs in the US are steadily increasing, and this makes it even more profitable to invest in solutions like self-order kiosks.
In addition, by empowering the customer to modify their own order, order accuracy increases substantially, which means less time spent dealing with order mistakes due to miscommunication or remaking food to improve customer satisfaction.

Everything results in a better customer experience

In the end, having a good customer experience with fast and easy order checkout is getting more and more important. As a restaurant, you can’t really afford to stay behind.
One of the biggest advantages of QSR kiosks is the ability to attract younger demographics who prefer a digital experience. Just for this reason, a restaurant kiosk is a strategic and digital investment that will make sure market share increases in the future with this emerging demographic.

About Olea’s Self-Service Kiosks

Olea Kiosks is always changing with the market, and thanks to this, we can capitalize on new trends in this digital world. Our cutting-edge design and functionality is what makes us stand out in this industry.
Additionally, Olea’s restaurant kiosks work great outdoors as well. These kiosks are equipped with huge touch screens that are able to withstand high volumes of users without failure.
Last but not least, our devices make it very easy to pay. Nearly every form of payment is included (cash, debit/credit, gift cards) and even new technologies such as Apple Pay.

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Olea has been manufacturing world-class products for QSRs, fast casuals and other industries across the globe for more than 40 years. Our high-quality restaurant kiosks are built and designed in the United States using the latest technologies and the most durable materials.
The recent winner of three Most Innovative Kiosk Awards, our company excels at developing standard and custom solutions that come in on task, on time and on budget. Reach out to [email protected] or call us at 800-927-8063 for your free quote.


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