The Key For Effective, Secure and Smart Information

September 9, 2014

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Biometric Kiosks

The Key For Effective, Secure & Smart Identification
Security concerns in the present world continue to grow ever more complex. Identity management and the many billions lost every year through fraudulent authentication in financial, banking, retail and corporate environments is pushing for the need for enhanced, secure identification and personal verification technologies.
What is Biometric Technology?
Biometric technology is a unique way of identifying an individual through unique characteristics including physiological or behavioral patterns. Various Biometric technologies offer enhanced security levels by identifying that the authorized individual is physically present for processing to gain access.
Security is currently a major concern in the present world, as new emerging fraudulent threats will continue to grow ever more complex. Common concerns regarding to those threats are access cards, employees’ identity cards, password protection, personal identification numbers (PINs), passports. Which often can be forgotten, lost, disclosed, or changed.
Fingerprint Biometrics: The Most Deployed Technology
Fingerprint is the most frequently used biometric measure against all, with an approximate 62% revenue contribution, as of 2009.
Worldwide Biometrics Market: Revenues by Technology (2009)

  • Fingerprint 62%
  • Face 20%
  • Iris 8%
  • Hand 5%
  • Voice 3%
  • Signature 1%
  • Other 1%

Reasons that contribute to the success of the fingerprint technology:
Fingerprint is one of the least expensive amongst all the different biometric technologies, making it very attractive for high volume applications.
Small storage space, reduced power requirements, and resistive nature to temperature
and background lighting makes it an ideal technology to be deployed in a vast range of applications from the smallest consumer electronic device to the high end physical and logical access control.
Physical access control (applications such as door lock entrance control, safes, and vehicles) and network/logical access control (e-commerce, smart card, and sensing terminals).
Significant use in banking and financial industry as means of authentication to prevent identity fraud in on-line banking and ATM cash points.
Integrated in biometric passports and implemented in many countries under International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) compliance.
Biometric Kiosks Offers Instant Identification & Secure Processing
Biometric technologies are beneficial to businesses and governments looking to accomplish the following:

  • Low-maitenance
  • Secure equipment housing
  • Durable screens
  • Dual monitor capability
  • Both fingerprint and palm scanning ability
  • Photo capability
  • Magnetic card readers

Broader Use of Biometric Kiosks
Biometric kiosks can help speed and secure a wide range of identification and ID control applications, in public agencies and private businesses alike. Beyond the additional use of biometrics for identification by law enforcement agencies, and for building access and security, the future will probably see biometric kiosks offer more secure commercial transactions based on identifying users at the point-of-sale. As technologies continue to advance, it seems likely that biometric identification measures will soon be included in all interface hardware and applications in daily commerce.
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