Newsletter Archive

April 2017: An Rx for Medical Records | Rock Your Surveys | Protect Guests with Security Kiosks

Healthcare facilities of all sizes are moving to electronic records, and increasingly, they’re learning that kiosks make great access tools. Want better data about how your customers regard you? Skip the receipt/online code crutch and get the best results with self-service technology. Finally, travelers worrying about destinations and packing often lose sight of data and personal security. Wise hoteliers are deploying kiosks to help them sleep better at night. Download Newsletter

Q1 2017: Kiosks Boost Travel | Big News with Micromarkets | Getting Staff Buy-In

This month, we examine the increasing roles kiosks are playing in the travel screening process and how the future of convenience food may come without attendants. Also: Part III of how to launch a kiosk project says that getting staff buy-in is almost as important as consumer adoption. Download Newsletter

December 2016: Evil EMV Myths | HR Gives Kiosks Great Review | Kiosks: On the Road Again

This month, we take a look at common EMV misconceptions and how kiosks can help HR departments manage routine tasks and better incorporate remote locations. Also: Many harried travelers would just as soon skip the time-consuming personal touch by using a kiosk to expedite getting to their room. Download Newsletter

November 2016: Succeed with bill-pay kiosks | Help I.T. embrace kiosks | Self-service ticketing gets them to the fun

This month we examine the business models and keys to success with self-service bill-payment. Part II on selling kiosk projects to your internal team addresses I.T. concerns, and as venues prep for 2017, we make the case for ticketing kiosks.

October 2016: Kiosks and casinos | Selling the boss | Patient engagement

This month’s newsletter shows how kiosks can be the new lucky charm for the casino industry, best arguments to convince the chief that kiosks are the way to go, and the keys to better patient-engagement with self-service technology. Download Newsletter

September 2016: Loving Loyalty | Bringing Home the Beacon | Don’t Make the Magic Wait

This month’s newsletter previews the profit potential of increasing loyalty with kiosks, how beacons and retail self-service can drive customer engagement—as well as sales—and the ways ticketing kiosks can help guests get the show on the road. Download Newsletter

2013 - A Year in Review - Special Issue -

Join us as we look back on 2013, as we acknowledge our clients, partners and employees for all the contributions that have made 2013 so exciting and successful at Olea Kiosks, Inc. This issue explores notable milestones such as; Olea’s continued success in Healthcare, the introduction of new products and establishing a presence in exciting new markets. Additionally, this issue announces the record deployment of 150 custom units from beginning to end in 6 weeks. Finally, we look forward to 2014 as we share improvements to our facility that signal increased productivity, and the creation of new kiosk designs in the upcoming year. Download Newsletter

Fall 2013

This issue is a special commentary by CEO, Frank Olea that takes readers through a brief history of our web presence and provides a glimpse of the strategic process of launching our new site. The newsletter guides users through some of the key features of our new website that include; stunning kiosk images, custom kiosks slider, user-friendly navigation, and include updated information about our products and services. Take a tour behind the scenes inside. Download Newsletter

August 2013

In order to meet the highest safety and quality control standards some clients require (UL) Certification of their kiosks prior to deployment. Olea Kiosks® Inc. makes this process easy to navigate, learn more in this issue. Zebra kiosk printers help raise customer satisfaction by giving consumers convenience and access, where and when they need it. // Discover the benefits of using Zebra printers in your kiosk in August 2013’s newsletter. Download Newsletter

July 2013

Olea strives to deliver complete solutions within affordable budgets, find out why choosing a standard kiosk from Olea’s dynamic product line is often the best choice for most kiosks projects. // This issue also reviews the deployment of a custom solution built for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana that addresses health insurance questions in a fun and informative manner, review the innovative design inside. Download Newsletter

June 2013

June 2013’s newsletter announces the listing of Olea’s Cyber Security Kiosk on the GSA IT Schedule 70. Learn about Olea’s partnership with IBM Global Technology Services and Tightline Systems Inc. to deliver a self-service terminal to improve wait times for Arizona drivers. // Discover why VA Medical Center in Gainesville, Florida trusted Olea Kiosks® Inc. to manufacture kiosks for healthcare vendor credentialing in its facility. Download Newsletter

May 2013 - A Nike Kiosk Case Study -

May 2013’s special publication is a case study of Nike’s partnership with Olea to produce the innovative SPARQ sensory performance kiosk. This one of a kind kiosk is utilized to test and improve an athlete’s reaction time and hand-eye coordination with proprietary components. Olea is an OEM manufacturer for Nike and is responsible for deployment, installation and field service worldwide. Learn about the unique partnership, design, manufacturing and implementation process within this issue. Download Newsletter

April 2013

With the alarming rise of malware attacks on companies, April’s newsletter covers how use of the Metropolis Cyber Security kiosk can dramatically decrease the possibility of malware infiltration in facilities. // By land or sea, Olea offers complete kiosk solutions for any type of deployment; April’s issue announces the successful launch of a state of the art, kiosk solution developed for Princess Cruises’ fleet of ships. Learn more inside. Download Newsletter

March 2013

Discover why extensive experience producing gaming kiosks matters. This newsletter boasts the worldwide launch of over 200 player loyalty kiosks produced for Sands casino properties. The power-packed Sands kiosk serves as a dynamic, player-loyalty-centered unit that works double duty as a digital advertising display. // This issue also covers the close partnership between Olea and the high performing family of Datacard printers. Download Newsletter

February 2013

Learn more about how Olea's Healthcare Kiosks have increased efficiency and patient satisfaction in emergency departments, waiting rooms, and ambulatory settings. // This issue also showcases the launch of the ultimate phototainment kiosk, manufactured by Olea: The TapSnap kiosk. The TapSnap unit is a fun reinvention of the traditional photo booth for the digital age, review the unique design inside. Download Newsletter