Donation and Giving Kiosks

Kiosks are a fun, innovative and creative way to collect donations and brand your charity. Olea Kiosks creates custom Donation Kiosks that will at the very least stop people in their tracks. Our design engineers are sharp, experienced, and know what it takes to craft a kiosk that gets attention.

Giving kiosks and donation kiosks are becoming more and more popular and for several reasons:

  1. Great user experience especially with multi-touch and wayfinding technology.
  2. Convenience
  3. Creative advertising opportunities
  4. Can connect to the internet
  5. No cash or checks needed

Now your non-profit can accept donations via a kiosk that is conveniently located, always accessible, and grabs your audience’s attention. With a custom designed Olea kiosks, your donation kiosk can actually become a conversation piece at your next fundraising event.

Olea Church Donation Kiosks

What are some benefits of a donation or giving kiosk?

Charity Events

Having a donation kiosk at charity events has been proven to increase percentage of donations because the kiosks are private, attractive, and modern, the technology is current and user friendly, and the kiosks allow for cashless transactions. These kiosks are great for walk-ups donors that may not have known about your event prior to the date of the event. Having a giving kiosk means that you can still collect donations from the walk-up attendees through an easy and secure electronic transaction system.

If your event requires people to check in upon arrival, check-in kiosks will alleviate the congestion that is caused by a large number of people are checking in at once. Custom kiosks can be designed to check in your attendees, and also allow them to make a donation concurrently during the check-in process. In addition, if the charity is one in which a sponsored contender in a marathon is trying to raise a specific amount of money, the sponsors, supporters and team members can use the kiosks to review goal progress.

Church Donation Kiosks

More and more churches are putting giving kiosks in place of boxes and bins because they provide a way for church attendees to tithe using a credit or debit card. Since not everyone carries cash or checks, these kiosks make it easy for parishioners to give.

A donation kiosk at a church can provide a variety of benefits to enhance the giving process:

  1. A card reader for electronic donations.
  2. Internet access which can allow online donations through a church website.
  3. Self-service ordering software to allow users to order products such as books, CDs and other materials.
  4. Purchasing tickets for fundraisers or other events.
  5. Wayfinding kiosks help attendees find their way around a church campus or fundraiser venue.

Olea kiosks have been made in the U.S. for more than 37 years. Our kiosks are very modern and available in standard models or customized kiosks that can be catered to your exact design and functionality specifications. Donation and giving kiosks are a great way to make the donation process more efficient and can be a great benefit to any nonprofit, charity, or church.

Contact Olea today to find out how we may help you design a kiosk that is right for your company or event. Call Olea at 800-927-8063 or visit our website at

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