Self-Service Kiosks

Self Service Kiosk

Self-Service Kiosk

Self-Service is everywhere and according to new market reports and trends. Self-Service Check-in Kiosks will be adapted soon by Hospitals, Clinics and Doctor’s offices!

  • 92% Of surveyors have used a Self-Service Kiosk. (Airport, Store, Mall, etc.)
  • 99% of surveyors use technology as part of their daily routine!
  • 8% Of surveyors have NOT used a Self-Service Kiosk. But are curious about the technology.


  • 1.6 Million units deployed in 2010
  • 2.5 Million units projected to be deployed by 2015
  • $130,000,000,000: How much larger the U.S. economy would be if self-service technology were widely deployed!

Surveyors were also asked “Have you used a Self-Service Kiosk at the doctor’s office?”

  • 77% Of surveyors have NOT used a Kiosk at the Doctor’s office. But would if it was available.
  • Over 50% of surveyors feel lack of privacy when providing personal information out loud to a receptionist.
  • 10% Of surveyors have used a kiosk at the Doctor’s office.

Quotes From the Survey

“I always choose self-service options if they are available.”

“We don’t have a kiosk at my doctor’s office but when we do, I will definitely use it!”

“I will feel more comfortable not verbalizing at check-in… especially when there are strangers standing in line behind me.”

Common Features of Patient Check-In Kiosks

  • Verify/update demographics, meaningful use, email, phone
  • Available 24/7 for patients in Hospitals
  • Scan insurance card, driver license & other forms
  • Pay co-pay &/or due balances
  • Check-in & alert staff for appointment


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