Using iPad Wall Mounts to Enhance Customer Engagement

Today’s consumers are visually driven, so the use of iPad wall mounts can be a very effective manner for businesses to convey a modern and forward-thinking brand identity. With the nearly limitless iPad applications available, these iPad wall mounts also can enhance customer engagement and provide for more efficient business operations.

The following are a few manners in which businesses are using iPad wall mounts to enhance consumer interaction:

  • Interactive Product Displays – iPad wall mounts can act as interactive 3D product displays. For stores that sell products such as mobile phones, the use of these interactive iPads can greatly alleviate the need for staff to answer the basic product questions which a customer can find through a few swipes on the iPad display. This reduces overhead costs while still providing fast and efficient customer service.
  • Internet and Entertainment Console – With an iPad wall mount, business owners can easily create an iPad net café with an iPad, internet connection and software that tracks customer time spent. In addition, iPads are regularly used as gaming and entertainment consoles for many businesses. Users can also download music, watch movies and a variety of other entertainment options when the iPad is paired with the necessary applications.

Olea comPADre iPad Wall Mount

  • Customer Feedback Gathering – iPad applications allow businesses to utilize different functions for gathering information about their audience while giving them ways to interact directly. Whether it’s through social media forums, surveys or promotions, iPad wall mounts allow owners to receive valuable data that can help give more insight into their customer opinions and preferences. Ultimately, this valuable feedback can help shape a business’s sales and marketing strategy to maximize profit and ROI.

Video Chat – There are many occasions in which a customer might have a very specific and often technical question about a particular product or service. By integrating video chat into the iPad wall mount display, storeowners can have an offsite specialist or operator chat directly to these customers and answer any questions they might have on-the-spot.

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