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Kiosk-based Customs Inspection System
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In 2013 Olea Kiosks Inc. proudly introduced the Automated Passport Solution (APS), a touchscreen kiosk-based customs inspection system that has revolutionized the airport customs process and exponentially reduced customs processing times.

Customs wait times across the country have been skyrocketing at nearly every international airport across the United States.  Over the past 20 years, there has been a 117% increase in international travelers flying in and out of the United States.  At the same time, there has been a $754 Million reduction in the budgets to the customs and border protection departments over the past year as a result of government sequestration.   As a result, wait times have increased exponentially, leaving travelers forced to endure long lines at most international terminals, resulting in extreme wait times such as 182 minutes to pass through customs at JFK’s international terminal.

This unit includes a passport scanner, web camera, an 80mm thermal printer, and is ADA 508 compliant.  It was developed as a tool to automate and streamline the passenger-checking process of international customs by providing a high-tech solution to check and gather data.  The APS software provides an easy-to-use touchscreen interface that allows the passenger to easily navigate though the software without needing human assistance.  The APS first scans the passenger’s passport using the attached passport scanner peripheral.  This retrieves the passenger’s personal information from the integrated customs database.  The passenger then must respond to questions that are similar to those that are asked by a human customs official.  The Thermal printer attachment allows the passenger to print their answers to the questions directly from the APS system.  In addition, the webcam peripheral takes the passenger’s photograph and stores that in the customs database for easy future retrieval.

The APS kiosk is built on Olea’s Metrolite Kiosk framework, meaning that, like all Olea Kiosks, it utilizes a durable kiosk framework that is manufactured in the United States.  The Metrolite is highly expandable and supports the addition of new peripherals to accommodate custom applications.  For the APS, the Metrolite has already been outfitted with the capability to attach a fingerprint reader peripheral to provide for an even greater level of security.

International travel is on the upswing, including an 11% increase at DFW since 2012.  With the government sequestration budget cuts, passengers are experiencing longer wait times, which is resulting in frustration for both passengers and the short-staffed customs officials.  The APS kiosk system will not only significantly cut wait times, but it will also provide a highly secure solution that will make the airport customs system more efficient and user-friendly.

DFW Airport Automated Passport Solution

Touchscreen Kiosk Base Customs Inspection System

Easy to use touchscreen interface that allows the passenger to easily navigate through the software without needing human assistance

APS Kiosks Exponentially Reduce Customs Processing Times

Manufactured in the United States

Storm EZ Access 8 Key Device for ADA 508 Compliance

Highly secure, efficient and user-friendly

  • Standard Specs
  • 19″ LCD Touch Screen
  • Dell Optiplex 9020 PC System with Win 7 Pro
  • 3M KR9000 Passport Scanner with RFID
  • CrossMatch OEM Fingerprint Scanning Module
  • 80mm Thermal Printer with 10″ Roll Capability
  • Logitech C930e Professional Series Webcam
  • Headphone Jack for ADA 508 Compliance
  • Internal Service Keyboard for Technician
  • Dimensions
  • Width: 26.0″
  • Height: 57.72″
  • Depth: 23.50″
  • Weight: 200lbs
  • Base plate: 26.0″W x 23.50″D
  • Details