Financial Services Kiosks

Today’s financial services kiosks go far beyond bank ATMs. Modern self-service kiosks give users a convenient way to pay bills, transfer cash, convert currency, and handle other financial transactions.

Users want to be in control, experience efficiency, and achieve a sense of security—Olea’s kiosks provide all this and more to streamline financial services.

A Financial Kiosk in front of United States Courts

Benefits of our financial self-service kiosks include:

  • Speed of use
  • Convenience
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Offload the need for face-to-face contact
  • More revenue opportunities for the kiosk owner
  • Reduced costs for operational overhead and staff training

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Why Choose Olea Financial Services Kiosks

As consumers become more self-sufficient and empowered to access information from anywhere, the financial services kiosk is the optimal solution to meet them where they are. Heightened consumer expectations and surging competition are demanding businesses in the financial industry move toward digital transformation. Olea’s financial services kiosks give these businesses what they require to stay competitive and profitable.

By automating processes, ensuring enhanced security and regulatory compliance, and giving businesses sales-centric assets, kiosks provide your financial services company with an effective way to keep up with the IT consumerism trend that will only become more mainstream. Failure to adapt will eventually push consumers away and lead them to use other businesses that offer the convenient financial services they want and need.

Most Common Kiosk Uses in Financial Services

Interactive self-service kiosks offer innovative ways to satisfy your customers. Some of the most common financial services kiosks include:

  • Bill Payment Kiosks
  • Cash-Accepting Kiosks
  • Cash-to-Card Kiosks
  • Cryptocurrency ATM Kiosk

Depending on the functionality you require, financial services kiosks can come in various sizes and forms, including outdoor, indoor, and wall-insert units. Olea’s kiosk customization makes getting precisely what you need easy.

Bill Payment Kiosks

With 24/7 access for customers to pay bills quickly using cash, debit, or credit cards, bill payment kiosks from Olea give customers the ultimate convenience. Deploy kiosks to accept and dispense dollars and even dispense coins to meet every customer’s need.

At Olea, we offer a bill payment kiosk with a universal design. It features the functionality to take payments of any type, anywhere. The small and secure kiosk enclosure makes it possible to deploy, even in an unattended location. Our bill payment kiosks are commonly used by utility companies, government offices, Buy Here Pay Here lots, insurance offices, and telecom providers.

Cash-Accepting Kiosks

When it comes to low-cost items like bus tickets and fast food, many consumers prefer to pay with cash. In some cases, consumers may only have cash available. Although electronic payments are more popular than ever, businesses must have an option to accept cash. In some jurisdictions, it is required by law to have a cash option.

Olea’s cash-accepting kiosks ensure your business has a cost-effective way to streamline cash payment collection. With these kiosks, you can mitigate cash-handling costs, automate revenue management across multiple payment types, and promote a user-friendly self-service option for all customers.

Additionally, a kiosk can be a solution to businesses facing staffing challenges. Whether you are struggling to hire enough staff or want to use existing staff to handle higher-value tasks, a cash-accepting kiosk from Olea can help you optimize your operations.

Our cash-accepting kiosks are used by movie theaters, quick service restaurants (QSR), and transportation ticket providers.

Cash-Accepting Kiosks in Metro


Cash-to-Card Kiosks

Are you considering going cashless? What began as a way to limit the transfer of germs on cash during the pandemic has turned into a popular trend for theme parks, entertainment venues, and stadiums. Olea’s cash-to-card kiosks not only minimize germ contact, they also solve staffing challenges many businesses continue to face.

With a kiosk that takes cash and transfers the amount to a card, your business can mitigate the costs of cash handling and give customers a convenient card option they can use at your venue or anywhere if you choose.

Cryptocurrency ATM Kiosk in Shopping Mall


Cryptocurrency ATM Kiosk

Want to leverage the cryptocurrency trend? Olea’s Omaha Crypto ATM Kiosk is a compact, stand-alone kiosk that allows your customers to buy or sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from a user-friendly terminal. Because the ATM connects to the internet, the users can send and receive tokens through their digital wallets.

Innovative features of our Omaha Crypto ATM Kiosk include:

  • Multiple payment options
  • Industry-leading small footprint -it’s the smallest two-way ATM available
  • Highly secure enclosure

Enjoy the modular functionality of this cryptocurrency ATM kiosk. Use it as a one-way ATM or upgrade to a two-way ATM that allows users to buy cryptocurrency with cash and sell it—all in one convenient ATM.

Crypto ATM kiosks are commonly found in casinos, airports, hotels, grocery stores, convenience stores, airports, casinos, and large retail outlets, including Walmart.

Make Transactional Experiences Faster, Easier, and More Profitable

Financial services kiosks from Olea help you meet a top business goal to enhance the customer experience. With a self service kiosk, you can prioritize convenience, security, and customer control. As a result, you will earn customer loyalty and add value to your bottom line, creating a win-win for customers and your business.

Additionally, deploying financial services kiosks inside or outside your building can be one of the most effective ways to increase your reach and serve more customers in less time. Facilitating self-service access to seamless financial functions and features will result in a healthy ROI for your business.


Self Service Kiosks to Match Your Brand

Although Olea offers standard self-service kiosk designs, we also provide customization to showcase and elevate your brand. Let our designers bring your custom kiosk vision to life—whether you have indoor or outdoor kiosks.

Reinforce your brand message and wow your customers with innovative design. At Olea, we deliver expert craftsmanship and technologically advanced features to take your custom financial services kiosk to the next level.

If you would like to learn more about how Olea Kiosks® can help you change the dynamic of dealing with cash with our financial services kiosks, contact us today for a consultation.

Olea’s Financial Services kiosks give you multiple ways to improve the customer experience. Explore our innovative, custom kiosk solutions.

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