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Trends in Self-Service: Key Insights from NRF 2024

Retail’s Big Show not only showcased the latest innovations but also served as a platform for ideas that redefine customer engagement and operational efficiency. Amidst the dazzling technology and thousands of vendors, the next wave of trends in self-service hold significance for any business eager to navigate the digital age. What’s important to note is that these takeaways transcend the retail sector, offering…

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Revolutionizing Innovation: How Rapid Prototyping Can Propel Your Business Forward

Today, businesses are always looking for ways to stay ahead, particularly as it relates to technology adaptation or the next evolution in their digital transformation. Rapid prototyping has emerged as a key strategy, allowing companies to quickly turn ideas into tangible models for testing. This approach is essential for fostering innovation and efficiency in product development. It’s also essential for growth, exploring new…

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The Future of Self-Service: Balancing Technology with Human Touch

Since the pandemic, the concept of self-service has transformed from simple convenience into a cornerstone of customer interaction. In the past, we considered self-service to be a simple, automated solution designed to reduce wait times and streamline transactions. However, its role has drastically expanded. It’s becoming more prevalent because of the technological advancements available and it’s also filling a critical need—a shortage of…

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Outdoor Kiosks 101: From Concept to Completion and Everything in Between

Self-service kiosks act like the silent ambassadors of convenience. They’ve transformed the way we check-in, transact, and access information.  And now we’re seeing them as the point at which technology meets the public in open spaces. From bustling airport car parks to Subway drive-thrus, these kiosks brave the elements to offer services ranging from EV charging services to food and movie tickets.  As…

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Avoiding the Pitfalls of Low-End Technology: A Guide for Entertainment Venues

With today’s desire for instant gratification, the convenience and efficiency of self-service technology are no longer optional; they are necessities for large entertainment venues such as stadiums and amusement parks. From purchasing tickets to ordering food and navigating through attractions, self-service plays a critical role in shaping the guest experience. And, when optimized correctly, self-service technology can dramatically reduce lines and wait times,…

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Olea Kiosks® Launches HYPERMODULAR™ Kiosk Technology

Olea Kiosks® has announced its new HYPERMODULAR™ kiosk technology. This revolution in design allows for complex kiosk configurations to be piloted and in-service much faster than a custom-designed product.  Olea’s HYPERMODULAR™ technology directly addresses the growing challenge of configuring kiosks with complex access control peripherals so governments, businesses, and organizations can tackle their most pressing needs for automation and expedite time to market. Self-service access control solutions…

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