Kiosk Applications

Casino Loyalty

Many casinos around the world have seen an increase in repeat visits from customers by rewarding them with player loyalty programs. Members can check point balances and redeem points through casino loyalty kiosks. Insights and statistics provided about customers help owners more effectively market to them.Read More

Check-In Kiosks

Check-in kiosks increase the convenience and speed of the check-in process for passengers, patients or hotel guests, making it easier to get to where they’re trying to go. These self-service kiosks can alleviate the workload of staff, allowing them to focus more on patient satisfaction. Read More

Government Kiosks

Government kiosks are designed to handle high traffic applications and automate many of the tasks that staff members normally have to process. This allows various government branches to provide better service through reduced congestion and shorter wait times while also lowering the overhead costs of personnel.Read More

Healthcare Kiosks

Check-In Kiosks increase efficiency and patient satisfaction in emergency departments, waiting rooms and ambulatory settings by expediting the process and improving customer experience. Patients can easily check-in and out, perform payment transactions, confirm insurance information, electronically sign documents and get help with wayfinding through medical facilities. Read More

Higher Education Kiosks

Educational kiosks increase school staff efficiency while improving customer service for universities and colleges by allowing students and faculty the freedom of self-service. Students can purchase books, register for classes and apply for financial aid. Overhead costs decrease as the need for additional personnel is minimized. Read More

Hospitality Kiosks

Improve your guests’ experience by providing them with ease and convenience through a hospitality kiosk. In addition to helping guests find dining, entertainment and attraction ideas without leaving the lobby, they’re also a great source of ROI for owners by generating ad revenue through local businesses.Read More

Human Resources Kiosks

Human Resource kiosks automate many applications associated with HR and help lower the overhead costs of staff. In addition to allowing self-service functions for employees without computer access it also helps with screening applicant data, employee scheduling and provides round the clock accessibility to HR information. Read More

Internet Kiosks

Internet Kiosks are a great way to extend the online product offering of a brick and mortar location. By placing a kiosk dedicated to surfing your website, your customers can order items from your site that might not be in stock at your physical location. Read More

iPad Kiosks

Olea offers a complete line of iPad Kiosk Stands and iPad Table Mounts. Many retailers are working hard to integrate tablets into their arsenal, and Olea is here to help with lockdown features as well as peripheral options to complete the self-service experience.Read More

Lead Generation Kiosks

Lead Generation Kiosks are a very popular way to interact with potential customers. Social Media Photo booths, as well as games and contests, are just a few of the many ways companies can attract new customers and gather lead information at the same time.Read More

Malware Security Kiosks

Cyber security kiosks are designed to help companies and organizations safeguard their infrastructure from possible malware attacks that can either be targeted or unknowingly transferred from vendors, service personnel or employees. They ensure the safety of companies by controlling the flow of data entering the facility.Read More

Order Entry Kiosks

Order Entry kiosks help to simplify and expedite the order entry process for your customers by giving them complete control over the ordering process. These Self-Service Kiosks allow customers to order products and services to their specifications and at their convenience, which helps increase customer satisfaction. Read More

Retail Kiosks

Retail kiosks enhance customer engagement and improve ROI by increasing store traffic, reducing overhead and personnel, expediting orders, tracking inventory, improving consumer loyalty and compiling customer data to track trends. Olea’s unique line of versatile kiosks offer retailers sophisticated solutions for their transactional needs. Each of our kiosks can be easily configured to provide a dynamic retail experience.Read More

Ticket Kiosk

Ticketing kiosks help simplify and expedite the ticket purchasing process by making each transaction faster, keeping lines shorter, and allowing a higher volume of turnaround. Ticket kiosks offer customers one central place where they can view show times, purchase tickets and redeem gift cards.Read More

Virtual Receptionist Kiosks

With Virtual Receptionist kiosks companies can provide a consistent experience to their visitors and manage the daily tasks of a typical receptionist, while potentially saving thousands of dollars a year.Read More

Wayfinding Kiosks

Wayfinding kiosks allow visitors to immediately pinpoint their location and access information and directions to your departments, key services, people and more. Wayfinding kiosks help decrease traffic congestion and provide higher satisfaction by allowing guests to navigate to destinations and points of interest quickly and easily.Read More