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Count on Olea for all your ongoing kiosk needs

Does your company perform multiple kiosk installations throughout the year? Whether you are positioning kiosks around the corner or around the globe, Olea is your partner in long-term projects and ongoing deliveries. We are well-versed in the attention to detail it takes to fulfill OEM needs, and have the flexibility and capacity to consistently deliver on time.

Our experienced team can either design and develop a custom kiosk to suit your needs from scratch, or reconfigure one of our standard kiosks with the exact features you need. Either way, you can get exactly what you want in virtually any industry – from self-service food to healthcare and more.

Specialized OEM Services

We don’t stop at developing and designing your kiosk. As your true partner, we customize services to adapt to your needs. Even if you have your own hardware and field service team, we provide the following:

Customized shipping routines

UL, ADA, FCC, etc.

Hardware and software installation

Customized warranty and field service options exclusive to OEMs

Customized testing procedures

Secure internet line to access kiosks while still in production

Dedicated OEM Concierge for customers ordering $250k+ per year

Custom packaging and labeling – multiple designs and graphics


QSR Kiosks at The Habit Burger Grill
Smartcarte OEM Kiosks
Kiosks at HTX Kitchen
Securiport OEM Kiosk Manufacturing
Greyhound Lines Kiosks
QSR Kiosks at The Habit Burger Grill
Smartcarte OEM Kiosks
Kiosks at HTX Kitchen
Securiport OEM Kiosk Manufacturing
Greyhound Lines Kiosks
The Habit Burger Grill

The Habit Burger Grill, a fast-casual restaurant chain, began its digital transformation in 2018 to expedite order processing during peak dining periods. The chain wanted to augment its omnichannel capabilities through the integration of kiosks. Uniquely, The Habit developed its proprietary software, seamlessly integrating with its existing technology infrastructure, so they could source their own hardware vendor. This was driven by the desire for a unique design, aligning with the brand's visual identity. Key customizations included the omission of a printer, the necessity for a MagTek reader, brand-aligned color schemes, and the requirement for field-upgradable kiosks to accommodate future payment device updates, leading to their choice of Olea as the provider. The Habit now has more than 350 locations across 14 states and has deployed more than 1,100 kiosks. All new locations will be equipped with kiosks moving forward and by the end of 2024, all existing locations will have been outfitted with self-service kiosks.


Smarte Carte, the leading provider of self-serve vended luggage carts, electronic lockers, commercial strollers, and massage chairs, sought a collaborative partner in Olea for the design, procurement, and manufacturing of their kiosk-based solutions. This partnership was essential to Smarte Carte's focus on its primary business operations, requiring a partner who would invest the same level of care and precision in the kiosks as Smarte Carte does in its services. The company aimed to enhance the design and functionality of its self-service hardware to expand its brand presence. Key to this strategy was making the rental process more user-friendly and engaging. Smarte Carte envisaged an innovative solution incorporating monitors for improved customer interaction and additional communication opportunities. SmarteCarte has now deployed hundreds of the new Olea version of the kiosk, with additional units planned reflecting its commitment to elevating customer experience and service efficiency.

Shift 4

Shift4 Payments, a leading provider of payment processing solutions in the US, services over 200,000 businesses across the hospitality, retail, leisure, and restaurant sectors. In 2021, it acquired VenueNext, a point-of-sale and payment solutions provider for stadiums, arenas, and other entertainment venues. Shift4 deploys a high volume of kiosks for stadiums and needed a solution that was highly reliable and could be installed quickly and easily. While there are several low-cost off-the-shelf products on the market, they chose a customized product that arrived fully assembled so they could take it off the truck and plug it in. Understanding the dynamic nature of the payment industry, Shift4 sought a partner capable of accommodating ongoing innovations, such as integrating new pin pad brackets, and possessing the flexibility to evolve the product in tandem with the company's future growth. In 2023, Shift4 acquired Appetize, an Olea customer since 2018. Shift4 has approximately 1,500 Olea kiosks deployed via the VenueNext and Appetize brands.


Securiport, a US-based company, specializes in providing advanced border management and civil aviation security solutions to governments worldwide. The company, known for its intelligent immigration controls, developed an in-house kiosk design and sought a manufacturing partner for its self-service technology. However, the initial design posed technical and cost challenges for mass production. XXX took on the task of redesigning the kiosk, focusing on scalability and mass production feasibility. A key priority for XXX was to ensure low cost of ownership, emphasizing easy servicing and maintenance of the units. Additionally, during the design process, XXX paid close attention to ergonomic aspects of fingerprint, passport, and iris scanners to enhance user-friendliness and ensure efficient interaction.

Greyhound Lines

Greyhound Lines provides intercity bus transportation services for 16 million passengers annually across North America. Faced with aging self-service kiosks nearing the end of their lifecycle and growing unreliability, and unsatisfactory customer service experiences with their previous supplier, Greyhound sought a new partnership for an upgrade. The company aimed for a non-proprietary, enhanced kiosk design and footprint. Olea recommended the Franklin model with specific modifications to meet Greyhound's requirements, including cash storage capacity, heightened security, and software compatibility. This design also offered Greyhound the opportunity to apply its branding to the kiosks, boosting brand visibility at each location. Partnering with Olea provided Greyhound with the necessary flexibility to continue to evolve the product as it upgraded its POS systems to maintain a consistent roll-out across its kiosk network, enhancing overall customer experience and operational efficiency across its depots nationwide.

Customized warranty and field service options

Our goal is to help you keep operating costs as low as possible throughout the lifetime of the kiosk, so we provide the following:

  • Depot hardware can be purchased upfront and held in stock
  • Technicians can be sent in windows of 12, 24 and 48 hours
  • Factory warranties can be extended up to five years for OEMs
  • Want to use your in-house techs? We’ll get on the line and walk them through the repairs.

Olea Employee Fixing a Kiosk

BON-TON Kiosks Case Study
BON-TON Case Study

It’s not very often that we’re pushed by a fellow designer to create custom retail kiosks that are even more unique than what we’ve already designed for them, but this was the case when working with store designers at Bon-Ton on their new Endless Aisle Kiosks.

Nike SPARQ Sensory Training Station
Nike Case Study

SPARQ Sensory Performance program to develop a vision testing system for high end athletes.

TapSnap Kiosks Case Studies
TapSnap Case Studies

TapSnap's portable phototainment system that provides a uniquely fun activity at social events and can be assembled or disassembled in a matter of 15 minutes

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Check out some of the innovative kiosks we’ve created for our loyal clients.

Some of the hardware partners we work with.


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