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Olea was asked to design and manufacture a Loyalty Kiosk program for Sands Venetian to deploy in Las Vegas NV, Macau China, and Singapore. Each property had very unique needs for the kiosks because of their geographic location and customer preferences.

In Macau, for example, the customers demanded the utmost in privacy while looking at their points on a computer screen in public. For the Macau version of the kiosk we tilted the monitor inward, and added privacy type wings around the monitor as well as added in 3M privacy filters on the monitors to ensure total privacy. In Macau they also required a Ferry Ticket printer that would allow patrons to print Ferry tickets to get back to mainland China using points they had accumulated.

In Singapore the loyalty kiosks would be used mainly to play loyalty games where the patrons could win prizes. Because these kiosks needed to attract attention, the main touch screen monitor was flush mounted and all privacy features were removed. The hardware in these kiosks was also a little simpler because they didn’t need a Ferry ticket printer.

In Las Vegas the Loyalty Kiosks were much more complex than the other two locations. In Las Vegas they wanted the ability to print new loyalty cards on demand which required a full color Datacard printer with encoder to be installed as well as a Veridocs ID scanner to verify the person’s identity. In addition to this the kiosk also needed the normal components like barcode scanners, receipt printers, webcams, 19” widescreen touch screens and 23” Portrait mounted advertising monitors.

All of the kiosks for the three properties were designed to look the same but be modular to have the ability to house the different components, operate on 110V or 220V power, and have different graphics in the appropriate languages.

Venetian Project Casino Kiosk

Machines Are Used For Player Loyalty

Players can print voucher coupons and event tickets using their Player Loyalty account points

Card Printer For New Cards

Allows players to print a new or lost player loyalty card directly

Tall Design For Easy Visibility

19″ User touchscreen and a 23″ digital advertising display showcased in an eye-catching kiosk that can be seen across casino floors



  • Standard Specs
  • 19″ 16:9 Touchscreen
  • 23″ 16:9 LED 2nd Screen
  • Datacard Card Printer/Encoder
  • 80mm Receipt Printer
  • ID Card Scanner
  • Card Reader
  • WebCam
  • Dimensions
  • Width: 22.148″
  • Height: 77.542″
  • Depth: 22.0″
  • Weight: 744.35lbs
  • Base plate: 22.148″W x 22.0″D
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