Healthcare Kiosks

Healthcare kiosks can help you better manage the bottom line, allow you to allocate human resources to the most strategic and critical tasks, and protect your most important investments. The benefits include:

  • Improve office efficiency
  • Increase revenue
  • Improve patient follow-through and health outcomes
  • Reduce missed appointments and cancelations
  • Enhance the patient experience
  • Maintain a safe work/business environment

Kiosks can enhance the efficiency and care provided at your facility in many ways.

Kaiser Healthcare Kiosk - Patient Check-In Kiosks for Medical Practices

JHM Austin Patient Check In Kiosk

Most Common Uses

Kiosks perform a variety of functions in Healthcare including the following:

  • Patient Registration and Check-in
  • Update personal data, scan and record insurance and ID cards
  • Fill out and update patient forms
  • Bill Collection
  • Patient Portal access to review tests and past visits
  • Telehealth services like monitoring, training, and medical education
  • Telemedicine services like management of chronic conditions and specialist consultations
  • Temperature Screening Kiosks for employees and patients
  • Wayfinding, maps, directions and general information

Enhanced Privacy for Patients

Improving the patient experience is critical to any healthcare provider.  Surveys show, however, that most patients actually prefer self-service options because they experience reduced wait times, a simple and consistent process, and there is an increased sense of privacy with self check-in.

Austin DT Hello

Essentia Health Self-Register Kiosk

Benefiting Employees and Patients

Not only does self check-in enhance the customer experience for patients, it also improves employee satisfaction.  Self-service kiosks free up employees to focus on what’s really important – patient care and satisfaction.  This includes more time to focus on greeting patients, answering questions, completing paperwork, processing insurance information, answering phones, and scheduling appointments.  Your team has more time to finish the tasks that lead to better care and a better patient experience, which leads to increased accuracy, reduction in errors, and less time spent trying to catch up.  This all leads to increased employee satisfaction.

Temperature Screening Kiosks Reduce Your Risk

Conducting temperature checks on employees and visitors prior to entering the building allows healthcare facilities to minimize the risk to employees, patients, and their facilities. Temperature screening kiosks can help stem a crisis and optimize your ability to continue servicing your community.

Irvine Freestanding LS Thermal Kiosk

Austin Check-In Kiosk of Olea

Take Your Care to the Next Level

Improving the patient experience is the top priority of a healthcare facility.  This goes above and beyond the care they receive by the medical staff and extends to all areas of customer satisfaction.  Check-in and telemedicine kiosks are a great way to boost your services, increase revenue, reduce wait time, streamline records and patient information gathering, and give your staff more time to perform the tasks that are most important.  It’s time to take your care to the next level with the right healthcare kiosks for your facility.

Self-Service That Matches Your Brand

Today, the standard designs available for self-service can be highly customized to showcase your brand.  Whether indoor or outdoor, custom design is one of Olea’s core capabilities.  Show your patients just how important they are with a custom design that leverages technology to enhance the patient experience.

Austin Desktop Check-In

Olea has the self-service applications your Healthcare facility needs to
enhance the patient experience and the bottom line.

We’ve worked with many fine Healthcare providers and partners.

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