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From check-in to payments to improving the patient experience, Olea’s healthcare kiosks can help facilities of all sizes take their care to the next level.

Touchscreen Kiosk: Casino loyalty, virtual reception and healthcare kiosk applications
Boston Healthcare

This sleek, elegant and small-form-factor unit can be placed against walls, in small spaces or back-to-back with other units. Front access to all components plus quick-change hardware makes maintenance fast and easy.

Boston Healthcare

With the press of a button, the ADA-compliant Verona can raise and lower over a 10-inch range, providing easy access for all patients, standing or sitting.

Austin Freestanding

The Austin Freestanding Kiosk was designed with a slight tilt forward to welcome your incoming customers. The result is a sleek design that’s in step with today’s most popular electronics.

Austin – Freestanding

Collect More Revenue

What do French fries and co-pays have in common? Kiosks can have a meaningful effect on them both.

QSRs and fast casual restaurants quickly learned that kiosks were far better at up-selling than people were. Why? Because kiosks can be programmed to ask for the order every time with every customer.

Likewise, healthcare facilities have seen marked improvements in co-pay and balance collections because unlike busy or reticent staff, they make the ask every time. In addition, because the patient is dealing with a healthcare or patient check in kiosk, he or she is likely more willing to take the time to fumble through a purse or wallet for a credit card instead of demurring in a long line in front of what might be a harried staff person.

A routine ask. The time and room to comply. That’s why kiosks collect more money.

AnMed Health Patient Check-In Kiosk

Improve Check-In

The most critical parts of any trip to a healthcare provider are the treatment and the check-in process that puts the patient in queue to be seen.

Often, those needing to see a doctor or undergo tests are ill or in a state of stress in anticipation of the exam or procedure. That means the check-in process should be as non-taxing and simple as possible.

Olea Healthcare Kiosks can help. By streamlining the path to be seen by the healthcare professionals and providing a variety of related services all in one place, the patient can quickly dispense with the mechanics of the visit and prepare to be treated.

  • Patients or their caregivers enter basic information on a touchscreen
  • Co-payments can be collected at the kiosk, or current balances remunerated
  • Printers can dispense maps to help guide patients inside today’s large, multi-practice facilities
  • Scanners can reader driver’s licenses and insurance cards
  • All the while, staff who are no longer responsible for checking in patients can provide other services to further enrich or expedite the entire experience of their visit

A visit to a healthcare professional is stressful enough. The simplest part of the visit should remain just that: simple.

More secure and private

At no other time do people more highly value security and privacy than when it comes to their healthcare. Sensitive, sometimes embarrassing medical conditions in the same milieu with co-pays, deductibles, minimum payments and more create a situation where people can be very guarded about their personal information.

HIPAA laws, of course, bear this out. That’s why kiosks make an ideal partner for helping protect patient health records and financial information.

Olea Kiosks knows from firsthand observation that self-service patient check-in kiosks can help facilities of any size or specialty improve the patient experience.

  • Because all information is entered electronically directly by the patient, nothing needs to spoken and subject to overhearing
  • Software encrypts the data, shielding it from hacks
  • EMV payment devices lock-down payment information
  • Biometrics add the leading-edge standard in personal identification
  • The patient always has control of his or her ID, insurance and payment card data—nothing is handed over or leaves the patient’s view
  • Onscreen privacy filters prevent snooping

Olea healthcare kiosks not only make the exchange of information easier, they make it secure and more private—giving your patients greater peace of mind when they need it most.

A better experience

Now that some Affordable Care Act payments are tied to patient satisfaction scores, facilities have the most concrete evidence yet that the way someone is treated and the frustrations he encounters during the care path matter.

Customers in every kind of business are less loyal and more mobile than ever before, and abundant online access to competing care-providers means someone who is one facility’s patient today can be someone else’s tomorrow.

Olea Kiosks knows from firsthand observation that self-service check-in kiosks can help facilities of any size or specialty improve the patient experience.

  • Reduces wait. Multiple patient check-in kiosks can process check-ins during peak times, enabling patients to more quickly be in queue for treatment.
  • Allows staff redeployment. Assistants normally stationed for check-in duties can be moved to other, higher-touch roles.
  • Provides greater privacy. Patients can provide information out of sight, out of earshot of others, all by using touchscreens, card readers and more.
  • Streamlines process. Software ensures all the right questions are asked at the right time, giving the patient ample opportunity to conduct as much of the transaction at the kiosks as the provider deems appropriate.

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