Hospitality Kiosks

An Effective Revenue Source

Today, Hospitality Kiosks can be commonly found in establishments such as hotels, convention centers, resorts and restaurants. These kiosks are designed to empower guests to access needed information on their own schedule, but surprisingly, they can also be a good source of revenue for their owners. Here are four benefits that come with having a hospitality kiosk in your establishment:

Round the Clock Guest Access

If you're a hotel or resort a virtual concierge kiosk will allow guests to easily find information, even during late hours when staffing may be minimal. Many virtual concierge kiosks allow clients to make reservations, pay bills, send emails, shop online or generally navigate the internet. This means that customers no longer have to wait at the front desk until a staff member is available to attend to their service request.

Enhance Your Corporate Brand

Hospitality Kiosks also allow these establishments a way to effectively communicate important information to their guests in an engaging and interactive way. In addition, this communication can act as an opportunity for branding a particular hotel, restaurant or resort. These kiosks themselves convey the message that your establishment is modern and cutting edge.

Ad Revenue

Hospitality Kiosks can sell ad space which offers added revenue for the establishment in which it is located. If you're a hotel in a metropolitan area, many surrounding businesses will likely want to promote their services through your lobby kiosk. Advertising through a kiosk is an easy way for other businesses to access new customers and gain a broader reach.

Positive ROI

As discussed in the previous points, these kiosks offer great return on investment opportunities for their owners. Hotels and resorts stand to cut their payroll costs associated with overnight desk staff by as much as fifty percent.