Malware Security Kiosks

Kiosks to Address an Alarming Trend

Malware attacks have become an increasingly common threat to many organizations and can cripple a company's infrastructure if they don’t have the proper defenses against them. Protecting an organization from hidden malicious code is an ongoing challenge that businesses need to consider. Regardless of whether they are a financial institution that exchanges proprietary data, energy and utility facilities that provide essential power to their community (and the world) or corporate campuses and government agencies, the threat remains the same.

Taking Proactive Action

As recent headlines have shown targeted malware attacks are on the rise including Duqu, Stuxnet, Flame and countless others. Many of these attacks are now breaching secure facilities via external media devices requiring IT and security professionals to find new tools and solutions to address these threats. Whether it is delivered via an employee, vendor or service personnel, portable media devices such as USB drives, CD/DVD, PDAs or other media carry a very real and often unsuspecting threat. Organizations can help safeguard their facilities from being infected by these cyber security attacks by controlling the flow of data entering their facility, by placing malware scrubbing kiosks at all entrances.

Malware Kiosks Are a Turnkey Solution

Statistics show that cyber security attacks on small, medium and large businesses are increasing. Yet the majority of companies have not employed adequate resources that have evolved with the alarming increase of cyber threats. Malware kiosks are a turnkey solution that provide the ultimate in first defense protection from risks associated with infected media present on peripheral devices.