ADA Compliance

ADA compliance is of upmost importance as it is not simply a nice option to have, it’s the law. If your kiosk is out of compliance with the ADA standards, you could be fined.

There are two types of ADA compliance that Olea designs and produces Kiosks for. The first and most typical is the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design. The second is what’s known as ADA 508 and is a requirement if you’re purchasing and deploying a kiosk for the Government or are using Federal Government funds.

Standard ADA requires that any item that the user will need to access in order to make the kiosk function be no higher than 48” off the ground. This would apply to your touch screen and any other component like card readers or telephone handsets.

Sideways and Forward Approach (Figure A.):

The diagram shows that the same 48” height rule applies to either sideways or forward approach. Other rules also come into play when installing your kiosk. You can read the ADA standards document here: or call and speak to an Olea Kiosk specialist about ADA.

Wall Mounted Kiosks (Figure B.):

In addition to the 48” maximum height as described above, a wall mount kiosk cannot exceed 4” in depth.

ADA 508 (Figure C.):

Unlike standard ADA, ADA 508 notes that any item on the kiosk that the user has to touch in order to interact with it should not exceed 54” in height for a sideways approach. It does however have stipulations for software layout and hardware configurations that allow the hearing and vision impaired to use the kiosk as well. For more information on ADA 508 please contact your Olea Kiosks specialist or visit

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