Made in the USA

As a company that has been manufacturing domestically for over 37 years, we have seen firsthand the detrimental impact to our economy of off-shoring jobs and buying from overseas companies. By manufacturing our products in the U.S., Olea is a steady supplier of well-paying jobs in engineering, design, maintenance, assembly, welding, and painting-- all in the homeland.

Buying American is the Right Choice

Buying American is the right choice for our economy and the smart choice from a business perspective, when it comes to kiosks. We can deliver a customized standard kiosk in as little as two weeks to our customers; our kiosks don’t have to travel 6 weeks by boat. Fast deployment counters the rising fuel costs that are only increasing by the day. Additionally, if your kiosk ever needs service you can call a company in the U.S. that has the parts, knowledge and expertise to get you back up and running on a much shorter time frame.

Invested in the Next Generation

As invested members of our community, the last three generations of Olea have worked closely with local schools and community leaders to promote the trades and educate the future generation of the benefits and opportunities of manufacturing in the U.S.

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