Onsite Services

Onsite service can be one of the most crucial decisions you can make with a kiosk deployment of any size. Depending on the type of warranty you chose at the time of placing your order, your kiosk can include an onsite tech service agreement. This means if a part needs to be replaced on your kiosk, a field technician will be deployed with a replacement part to your kiosks site.

Quick Resolution

Our network of over 2,500 field technicians means we are standing by, ready to repair a kiosk anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. All it takes is a phone call to 800.927.8063 to speak with our service desk; our talented technicians can typically assess an issue within 10 minutes or less, resulting in a repair by phone 90% of the time.

Tech by the Hour

If you have decided to purchase a kiosk with a standard warranty or your warranty has expired, you still have the option to have Olea deploy a field technician at an hourly rate. Please contact your Olea customer service specialist for pricing and details.

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