Constantly Improving

Olea’s internal process that covers everything from design to engineering, manufacturing, shipping, and support, this process is geared to produce the best quality kiosk possible. Our Heads of Product Development, Production and our CEO are constantly improving and adjusting our process to meet the demands of an ever changing market. The difference between a typical Kiosk 15 years ago and today are practically night and day. To boldly face the challenges that wait and technological advances to come, requires a forward thinking company with a proven history of industry success.

Rooted in Quality

A developed process means nothing if you design subpar products or have mediocre expectations of the final outcome. Being a legacy of master craftsmen, the Olea family doesn’t tolerate poor quality products. It can be things as simple as a 1 cent lockwasher to keep components from coming loose, or a special type of weld and finish to a seam on a kiosk. Olea kiosks are built on the foundation of fine details and expert craftsmanship.

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