Safety Compliance

Olea Kiosks offers safety certification for all of the kiosks we design and manufacture. Often UL, CE, and FCC are requirements of organizations that are placing self-service kiosks or other technologies within their facilities. It could be a requirement of the organization or its insurers to always place products with certification from a trusted testing body. Most often we see this as a requirement for healthcare kiosks, self-service, government, airports, outdoor kiosks as well as kiosks for larger retailers.

Each certifying agency has its own set of tests and requirements that they mandate. In general they are all looking for electrical and fire safety. Beyond that each group will test things like radio interference, tip resistance, physical safety, and in the case of outdoor kiosks, the ability to endure the elements. Because of all the unique tests Olea offers UL, cUL, CE, CSA, FCC, TUV and ETL testing services for all the kiosks that we manufacture.

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