Casino Loyalty

Casino Loyalty Kiosks

Self-service casino loyalty program kiosks are expected to grow in popularity within casinos, especially as they aim to maximize their revenue and reduce overhead costs. Apart from offering great ROI potential, gaming loyalty kiosks are also very flexible in applications which can offer customers convenience, while streamlining common casino transactions for the owners. Whether it's traditional cash-in/cash-out transactions, loyalty card kiosks, event ticketing or self-service sport booking—there's a gaming kiosk that suits every client base. OLEA's engineering team can customize the kiosk to compliment the specific needs of a unique casino or gaming establishment.

User Convenience

The automated system allows users to check points, receive cash disbursement or add value to their cards at their own convenience. The self-service aspect offers additional user convenience as the traditional wait time associated with these tasks is virtually eliminated.

Increased Revenue

Owners can promote special offers, incentives and new products through the automated kiosk, which can help facilitate further profits. Giving products and services more exposure allows the owner to reach a wider audience than before. These kiosks can also lead to more revenue as players visit more frequently and play repetitively through the incentive of loyalty programs.

Decreased Overhead Costs

Gaming Loyalty Program Kiosks help casinos cut costs by offering greater efficiency in multiple aspects. Remote monitoring capabilities can help significantly reduce the chance of reporting errors which maintains the integrity of the data. In addition, gaming kiosks eliminates a large percentage of staff overhead as fewer employees are needed for manually counting tokens, hopper re-filling as well as cashiers.