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Balancing Convenience and Guest Experience: The Case for Attendants at Self-Checkouts

In today’s fast-paced digital age, consumer experience is being redefined with a strong emphasis on convenience. Technology and automation are leading this change in multiple sectors, one of the most significant being retail. With that comes the emergence of self-checkout. Unattended concessions, also known as unmanned checkouts, are a revolutionary step in the retail landscape. They eliminate the need for human intervention entirely…

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From Biometrics to AI: Emerging Trends and Technology Driving Self-Service

Working alongside many customers and some that deploy kiosks at scale, we have the opportunity to observe and identify trends that we see happening in the marketplace as it relates to self-service kiosks. Today, the most prevalent reasons for deploying self-service kiosks include speeding up service and the desire to reallocate human resources to higher-value tasks. In addition, we’re also seeing opportunities where…

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Maximize the Impact of Your Kiosks: A Comprehensive Guide to Greeters

As self-service kiosks continue to revolutionize customer service across various industries, including healthcare facilities, movie theaters, amusement parks, fast-food establishments, and retail stores, the importance of integrating a human touch cannot be overstated. Greeters play a crucial role in enhancing the overall customer experience by providing assistance and a welcoming presence. We always encourage the use of greeters to facilitate and encourage patients…

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Why Buying Kiosks Offshore May Not Save You Money

One of the continuing negative repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic is the disruption of supply chains, particularly those connected to China and other off-shore locations. Every aspect of the supply chain is impacted, from the procurement of raw materials to manufacturing to the end consumer. The pandemic exposed vulnerabilities and resiliency gaps for many organizations. Some of these challenges continue to hamper off-shore kiosk manufacturing…

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4 Ways To Increase Kiosk Use

Self-service kiosks are an increasingly popular way for businesses to provide a convenient, efficient experience for their customers. For example, self-service kiosks can be used to check in for a flight, print boarding passes, or even pick up a rental car. In the healthcare industry, self-service kiosks are also being used to check in for appointments and to access medical records. While self-service…

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Olea’s Approach to Managing and Maintaining a Solid Supply Chain

The COVID-19 pandemic created many bumps in global supply chains. Discover the strategies implemented by Olea to keep customers happy and help smooth out the unwanted bumps. Although it’s been a few years since COVID-19 first appeared, supply chain issues still plague many industries. Kiosks are no exception. Manufacturers don’t always have the parts on hand to complete orders. Suppliers struggle with shipping…

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