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The Details Behind the Geneva Kiosk Design

The Geneva Kiosk is quickly becoming one of our most popular models. Built for high volume, upscale hospitality, and entertainment, the unit is perfectly proportioned for attractions, indoor and out. In addition to its pleasing aesthetics, it’s also a functional workhorse. While many industries including hospitality and healthcare deal with staffing challenges, they are looking to self-service kiosks to supplement their human resources…

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How to Leverage Technology and Control Kiosk Total Cost of Ownership

As we continue to see technology adoption grow across the general population, there are opportunities for companies looking to expand their digital transformation using self-service kiosk solutions. Not only are businesses looking for more effective digital front-doors, they’re also looking to automate certain processes to conduct more complex self-service interactions. Today’s self-service solutions need to play an integral part in the user experience…

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Using Self-Service to Enhance the Customer Experience

Consumer buying behaviors have evolved throughout recent years. Some of that is driven by technological advances, some by social and economic shifts, and some by consumers simply wanting more flexibility. Shortly after the pandemic started, people flocked to fast-food establishments because they had contactless ordering, touchless pick-ups and standardized menus, making the whole process simple and convenient. It provided an experience that was…

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The Top 5 Must-Haves for Retail Self-Service Kiosk Solutions

This post was written by our partner, Wondersign, who provides an endless aisle platform that thousands of retailers use to create a complete omnicommerce experience. Let’s get one thing straight, right away: The idea of self-service is not to replace people or a personal interaction. On the contrary: A strong self-service offering helps your associates shine. By automating tedious tasks, it lets them…

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Prepare for a Red Carpet Re-opening With Kiosk Cleaning and Maintenance

Widespread vaccinations, easing business restrictions, government stimulus, and pent-up demand are spurring the re-opening of businesses and industries across the country. Americans are spending money at restaurants and gyms, hotel bookings are up, and people are traveling again–just look at the TSA checkpoint volumes. All venues and businesses will have a checklist of safety items to consider and that checklist is particularly important…

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What Problem Are You Trying to Solve With Your Kiosks?

As we navigate the re-opening process for workplaces, hospitality venues and attractions, we know it has to be über safe, but it still has to deliver a knock-out guest experience.  It might seem strange to ask this question, “What problem are you trying to solve with your self-service kiosks?” But after the past year of closings, partial re-openings and business restrictions, we have noticed…

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