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Check-in Kiosks—From Simple to Highly Sophisticated Access Control

A check-in kiosk is a touch-screen device allowing individuals to self-check-in for a meeting, an appointment, travel, or similar. Check-in kiosks allow businesses, clinics, and facilities to control the visitor experience while extending the check-in process to a self-service. Check-in kiosks are sometimes referred to as visitor management systems or virtual receptionists, but each does essentially the same fundamental activity of checking people in. …

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Picking the Right Peripherals for Your Kiosk: Everything You Need to Consider

Looking to add some peripherals to your self-service kiosk? This informational guide breaks down everything you need to know. You selected the perfect standard kiosk model. It has a streamlined design, is aesthetically pleasing, and the best foot-print for your environment. While it seems like the ideal fit for your organization’s needs, you wish it had a few more perks. Luckily, it’s often…

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What Makes a Kiosk Custom?

Will a standard kiosk suit your organization, or do you need custom units? Here’s everything you need to know to understand the process. Today, you will find kiosks everywhere. But that doesn’t mean they all look or even function the same. When it comes time to create your self-service kiosk solution, your company can choose from many options.  Some look for something most…

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Keeping Kiosks Consistent

A kiosk that can be adapted to nearly any type of location can be a tremendous money saver while delivering a great experience. Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, and the layout of a particular operation is likely to vary based on location. The floor plan of a retail location in a downtown shopping district, for example, is likely to be much…

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Starting from Scratch: Advantages of Building a Custom Kiosk

Designing a kiosk from the ground up can result in a streamlined product without unwanted bells and whistles. When planning a kiosk deployment, there certainly are benefits to choosing one of a manufacturer’s stock models and adapting it to your needs. The unit likely has a track record of reliability and makes use of components that are readily available if an issue does…

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Kiosks and Modular Construction: The Hidden Benefits

One question many potential kiosk deployers ask is whether they should invest in a custom unit uniquely designed and manufactured for them, or else start with a modular kiosk (that is, a standard, module-based product out of the manufacturer’s catalog) and tweak it based on the options list. This post describes the benefits of each approach and why for most cases a modular…

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