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ROI Opportunities in Ticketing Kiosks

Ticketing Kiosks are not new to the industry of self-service applications as most major transportation companies and entertainment ticket distributors already utilize a solution in one form or another. Most of the ROI benefits of ticketing kiosks come in measurable increments, while others are subtle benefits that still ultimately impact a company’s bottom line. Features and Benefits of Ticketing Kiosks One of the…

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The ROI Equation of HR Kiosks

Companies that are not already using self-service HR applications may be accruing unnecessary costs on HR and administrative tasks. Due to the evident financial and convenience related benefits of using self-service applications, HR Kiosks are becoming mainstream as a tool for many companies. Industries that have adopted of this technology include government, manufacturing, retail and healthcare. Businesses are streamlining applications with HR kiosks…

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Lead Generation Kiosks

Kiosks can be very useful tools in proliferating information about products and services to consumers. A kiosk can also provide a valuable gateway for potential customers to request contact by a representative with more information, or set up appointments such as consultations by a dermatologist, in home estimates by a window salesman, inspections for heating and cooling systems, apartment home viewings, etc. Any…

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An Overview of Kiosks Applications

Kiosks make a wide spectrum of applications that involve electronic retrieval and recording of information much faster and more efficient. Generally, these are self-contained computer terminals that utilize a touch screen, along with any additional peripheral necessary for its applications such as a card reader or barcode scanner. It’s common to find these kiosks in locations where large populations of people need quick…

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Symantec’s Norton Campfire Multi-Touch Kiosk

If you work in IT, most likely you have heard of Symantec. Their products are used throughout our industry by consumers and professionals alike. In partnership with San Francisco based Red Shift and New York based Big Human, Symantec’s Norton Campfire team created a custom Multi-Touch Kiosk that aggregates data statistics, such as usage and sales and displays them in a dynamically visual…

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Wayfinding Kiosks

Traveling to an unfamiliar destination increases the chance that people will get lost at some point. There are many places to get lost, especially if they are traveling in a crowded Metropolitan City like Los Angeles. Wayfinding Kiosks can help people find their way if they need assistance getting back on track. While a kiosk won’t help them while driving down the road,…

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