Drive-Thru Order Entry Kiosks – Have it Your Way Every time

January 29, 2013

In 2010 alone, the fast food industry generated over 184 billion dollars through more than 300,000 different locations and restaurants. One thing we can deduct from this is that there is no shortage of demand for fast and convenient meals on the go.
We’ve all been in the predicament of ordering at a drive-thru window only to receive the wrong order once we arrived back at home. Human error is an unavoidable element when it comes to fast food ordering. Clunky headsets and speakers are not fail proof equipment, and can at times hinder the ordering process.
Drive-thru order entry kiosks eliminate two of the main headaches that restaurant owners have to reconcile; trying to expedite orders quickly and fulfilling them with accuracy. Let’s look at how these kiosks shift the control back to the owners as well as the customers.
Reduces costly order errors
Drive-thru order entry kiosks help owners manage their overhead costs. Discrepancies accumulate quickly when staff are taking orders and can begin to affect an owner’s bottom line. These can be virtually eliminated when the system is automated and customer does the order input themselves. In addition, the order accuracy will increase as the staff can devote full attention to fulfilling orders instead of the traditional multitasking involved with the role. The drive-thru kiosk is mutually beneficial for the buyer and owner. Customers now have control in their hands and can order at their convenience without the pressure of a person waiting on them.
Expedites order time
Revenue will increase as the time to fulfill each order is significantly expedited with these self-service kiosks. Customers will be happier, and more likely to become repeat customers. Also with their upselling capabilities, the profit margin should increase as the amount per order is higher.
These kiosks are customizable in much of their functionality. Many are height adjustable so the height of your car does not matter. Additionally, these kiosks are also designed to weather the storm with durable weather-resistant properties.