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From Biometrics to AI: Emerging Trends and Technology Driving Self-Service

Working alongside many customers and some that deploy kiosks at scale, we have the opportunity to observe and identify trends that we see happening in the marketplace as it relates to self-service kiosks. Today, the most prevalent reasons for deploying self-service kiosks include speeding up service and the desire to reallocate human resources to higher-value tasks. In addition, we’re also seeing opportunities where…

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How To Calculate The Return On Your Kiosk Investment

As we see many businesses look to cut costs in our current economy, the scrutiny on spending continues to grow.  In these economic downturns, it’s not uncommon to observe changes in the decision-making process when it comes to purchases like self-service kiosks. When budgets are being slashed, it is still possible to make a great case for self-service because the machines are designed…

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2023 Self-Service Technology Trends

As businesses continue their digital transformation and their expanded use of automation to address labor shortages and customer experiences, we see some new and growing trends in the self-service kiosk space. In 2022, we saw extensive growth across the hospitality sector as they continued to roll out self-service kiosks. And much of this growth was to address post-pandemic labor shortages. However, we are…

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How Biometric Technology is Used in Self-Service Kiosks

Businesses are making the switch from traditional forms of security to biometric technology. Learn how to leverage biometrics through self-service kiosks. Because of the growth in document fraud and identity theft, terrorism and cybercrime, we’re seeing an increase in the number of requests for biometric security solutions. While a biometric-based kiosk can serve several purposes, two primary uses include identity verification and advanced…

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Biometric Kiosks Relieving Travel Headaches

The CLEAR Kiosk Check-in Program Is Speeding up the Security Check-in for Travelers, with Other Venues Adopting the Technology. Most of us have at some point in our lives endured the humiliation of standing in a Transportation Security Administration line at the airport, one hand holding our shoes and the other keeping our pants from falling down, while an agent checks our ID,…

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Hertz Launches Facial Recognition Biometric Kiosk for Faster Rental Car Check-Out

Editors Note: Interesting news on the biometric kiosk, travel and hospitality industries today from Hertz and CLEAR. New facial recognition kiosks providing drive through customer check-in. Originally published by Hertz on 12/11/18.Hertz and CLEAR today announced the launch of Hertz Fast Lane powered by CLEAR – a new service that uses biometrics to drastically speed up the car rental process and get travelers through the…

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