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Better Customer Engagement through Interactive Kiosks

Better Customer Engagement Through Interactive Kiosk Machines It’s not a surprise that Interactive Kiosk systems are being deployed in prime retail real estate to offer consumers effective and innovative ways to interact with brands. Retailers also have the opportunity to efficiently reach target audiences to stay competitive in the marketplace. The following are five ways that interactive kiosk machines help you to better…

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How Kiosks Are Revolutionizing Industries

Infographic as a PDF: How Kiosks are Revolutionizing Industries As technology keeps improving, it allows us to become more and more efficient. And with the onset of kiosks, a wide variety of industries are taking advantage of new technologies. The following data illustrates how kiosks are revolutionizing industries. Healthcare Industry Healthcare and Medical Kiosks make medical training easier with all the helpful educational apps offered…

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How Interactive Kiosks Are Benefiting Both Consumers and Businesses Alike

As consumers are drawn closer to the digital age in almost every aspect of their lives, interactive kiosks are a natural fit when it comes to ensuring that consumers have access to automated, digital processes when they desire them. Digital kiosks are well known for their ability to improve many aspects of everyday life such as improved checkout times, quicker customer service, and…

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Drive-Thru Order Entry Kiosks – Have it Your Way Every time

In 2010 alone, the fast food industry generated over 184 billion dollars through more than 300,000 different locations and restaurants. One thing we can deduct from this is that there is no shortage of demand for fast and convenient meals on the go. We’ve all been in the predicament of ordering at a drive-thru window only to receive the wrong order once we…

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Our Newest Product: Introducing the Milan Kiosk

Frank Olea introduces Olea’s newest prototype, the Milan kiosk, at the Customer Engagement Technology World in New York. This interactive digital signage solution features an Elo touch screen and 3 different printer size options. In addition, the stand is designed to accommodate monitors and screens of different sizes, making the configuration highly customizable. The new Milan kiosk is versatile enough for numerous applications…

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The Increasing Demand for Order-Entry Kiosks

Order-entry kiosks are proving more popular in retail and restaurants settings as consumers often prefer the privacy and convenience that these kiosks offer. While these kiosks offer substantial benefits to the business owner, the growth in the usage of these devices has largely been driven by consumer demand. In recent years, there has been a profound shift in consumers’ desire to be in…

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