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Medical Kiosks: The Next Generation’s Doctor’s Office

The need for efficient healthcare service continues to grow, especially as the total volume of patients increases. This creates the ideal role for medical kiosks. For years, these types of kiosks have streamlined many of the applications associated with hospital and medical visits. By automating many of these interactions, more efficient healthcare service is available to patients through 24/7 accessibility. The following are a…

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How Self-Service Kiosks Will Change Healthcare Service Delivery

Since February 2020, healthcare has seen a mass exit as more than 500,000 industry workers have left their jobs.  While nearly 1 in 5 healthcare workers quit, approximately 12% have been laid off or lost a job, and some workers have been fired or resigned over vaccination mandates.  As hospitals struggle to fill staffing gaps, healthcare organizations are looking to self-service options to…

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CERTIFY Health Joins Forces with Olea® Kiosks to Offer Contactless Patient Workflows

The CERTIFY Care platform now integrates with Olea’s self-service healthcare kiosks for a satisfying and convenient patient experience.   CERTIFY Health provides healthcare organizations with modernized solutions to optimize patient care and experience, from onboarding to check-in and payments. This includes CERTIFY Care, an omnichannel digital platform that streamlines patient workflows. Some of the primary features of CERTIFY Care include biometric authentication, digital…

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Temperature Screening Kiosks: How to determine what features you need

Are you looking for a way to return to business safely during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond? What features are necessary for your organization. Amid all the changes in the world, one thing is clear: Your people are your most valuable investment. Keeping employees safe and healthy is critical as you move forward in a world still living with COVID-19. Temperature Screening Kiosks…

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The Benefits of Telehealth and How Can It Help With COVID-19 Pandemic

Telemedicine allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients at a distance using technology. While the concept has been through a massive evolution in the last decade, it is becoming an increasingly more important piece of the healthcare infrastructure.   With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote medical consultation seems to make even more sense today. Telemedicine, in its early stages…

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Patient Check-In Kiosks Pay Off

Health care facilities are under increasing pressure to cut costs while improving the patient experience. Check-in kiosks can help accomplish that goal. Healthcare Kiosk Benefits For years, we’ve been able to book an airline flight, check in to a hotel and apply for a job via a self-service kiosk. For some reason, though, when we visit a health care facility chances are we’ll…

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