How Kiosks Are Revolutionizing Industries

May 9, 2014

Olea Kiosks Infographic
Infographic as a PDF: How Kiosks are Revolutionizing Industries
As technology keeps improving, it allows us to become more and more efficient. And with the onset of kiosks, a wide variety of industries are taking advantage of new technologies. The following data illustrates how kiosks are revolutionizing industries.
Healthcare Industry
Healthcare and Medical Kiosks make medical training easier with all the helpful educational apps offered by various developers. Surgeons and their teams need access to a lot of data before, during and after a procedure. These kiosks gives them the information needed quickly and efficiently.
Patients: Replacing the traditional patient clipboard with a kiosk allows doctors to quickly collect patient information, place orders and prescribe drugs.
Engage: Communication is improved by allowing doctors to better engage with the patient by using the kiosk to go over medical Information like test results and medical procedures.
Education Industry
Tablet Kiosks in the classroom allows for teachers to report grades faster, track attendance easily and conduct rich and exciting lessons. The interactive uses of tablet kiosks make it a wonderful tool for education. Digital textbooks can have quizzes, games and videos that better explain topics.
Retail and Service Industry
For the sales and service industry, kiosks have effectively converted the entire POS system into a smaller, more versatile tool. Shops and restaurants can use it to take and charge orders while sales reps can use it as a sales tool in their pitches and demos. All while reducing operation costs and boosting revenue.
Cash Register: A modular POS system has the potential to reduce costs associated with service and downtime. Modular workstations make troubleshooting and self-servicing easy.
Customer Engagement: Upgraded POS systems offer customers a better experience, driving repeat business and customer loyalty. Smaller and thinner POS workstations are more appealing to the eye and save counter space. Interactive point-of-purchase (POP) screens create more impulse buys and a more modern appearance.
Showroom: A Point-of-Sale (POS) workstation is the center point of any restaurant operation as it controls the funds and inventory that flow in and out of the store. With a traditional lifespan of five to seven years, POS workstations are often kept in the field for over a decade..
Gaming Industry
Increased competition in the gaming industry has resulted in the need for casinos to position their brand and identify player segments that will be most receptive to their communications. A casino’s image is an important part of their overall business strategy and goes a long way towards attracting and retaining players through gaming kiosks.
Targeting: Casinos are targeting Gen X & Gen Y players, 73% of Casinos rely on social media outreach and kiosks to attract and gain insights from players.
Rewards: Gaming Reward Kiosks are proven to be much stronger motivator to stimulate and increase loyalty. While also providing a 3-1 return on investment compared to cash.
Why Industries are Adopting Kiosks

  • 92% to improve customer service
  • 67% to improve operations
  • 35% to increase differentiation
  • 29% to increase revenue and up-selling

Top Apps for Digital Kiosks

  • Check-In, Check-Out of location: 81%
  • Maps, directions & are information: 56%
  • Loyalty programs & account access: 40%
  • Internet Info & Access: 31%
  • Coupons: 21%