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How Self-Service Kiosks Are Improving the Consumer Experience

Self-service purchasing is changing the way we shop. 85% of Americans have used a self-service kiosk and that number is even higher for younger age groups. Consumers love the convenience and efficiency, and businesses love the ROI and faster queue turns. Self-service kiosks are a win-win. Self-Service Technologies Improve the Bottom Line According to some studies, self-service touch screen kiosks can also lead…

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The Demand for Retail Self-Service Kiosks Is on the Rise!

Infographic as a PDF: Demand for Retail Self-Service Kiosks Interactive kiosks and digital customer service solutions can no longer be viewed as secondary supplemental aspects to a retail customer service strategy. In many instances, retail customers now prefer to use either a retail self-service kiosk or their own devices rather than a human customer service consultant. Where do Retail Customers Go for In-store Help? Of 1,000…

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“Omnichannel” Retail: Self-Service Kiosks Create an Integrated Shopping Experience

“Omnichannel” retail refers to the ability to provide an integrated shopping experience to the user regardless of whether they are shopping in-store, using a mobile app, browsing the retailer’s website, or using an interactive retail kiosk. In 2013, 84% of retailers polled by Retail Systems Research acknowledged that creating a consistent omnichannel shopping experience was very important, yet the same survey found that…

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The Growth of Micromarket Kiosks

Infographic as a PDF: The Growth of Micromarket Kiosks Micromarkets are seeing rapid expansion because they bring together the best elements of a vending machine, a convenience store, and a cafe. These automated storefronts offer a wide variety of fresh and healthy food items that can be customized to best fit the audience they are serving, and provide these goods in an automated self-service environment that…

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Self Check-Out Kiosks and Apple Pay

Consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with conducting transactions on their smartphones and other mobile devices, as evidenced by the rapid growth of Apple Pay since its launch in October 2014. With the expected continued expansion of Apple Pay in 2015, it is important that self-service checkout systems, such as interactive retail kiosks, are outfitted with mobile payment options. Infographic as a PDF: Integration of Apple Pay…

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Apple Pay and Interactive Kiosks

The self-service kiosk industry grew 24% globally in 2013, and it is projected to continue this growth trend for at least the next five years[1].  Increasingly, consumers are not only open to the idea of using a self-service checkout option, such as an interactive kiosk, but as the general public’s comfort level with these self-service technologies grow, consumers often demand a self-service checkout…

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