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Technology continues to become an even greater part of the action at casinos world-wide. As we detailed in a recent infographic, casino loyalty programs were introduced in the late 90’s and have exploded in popularity, reaching membership numbers of over 130 million to date. There is no sign of this trend slowing down. In fact, with the proliferation of mobile devices, casino loyalty kiosks can also double as charging stations. And, with the emergence of millennials as an up-and-coming casino demographic, casino loyalty kiosks can play an even greater part in casino operations by catering to this technology-driven consumer base.

Upgrade Casino Loyalty Kiosks with Charging Stations

Enticing players to join loyalty programs is now even easier with the clever idea of adding personal device charging stations to casino loyalty kiosks. When players are in need of a quick charge, they can visit a free device charging station that is part of the casino loyalty kiosk.

Operators even have a few options on how to offer free device charging. One, they can choose to offer charging only to loyalty program members, which may make for a great incentive to join the program for those that really need a charge! Alternatively, the charging stations can be made available with no strings attached in hopes that their connection to the loyalty program kiosk will entice players to join the program of their own volition.

The charging station feature is not just for casinos. Virtually any business that offers loyalty programs, be it travel, retail, or even entertainment venues, can utilize this marketing opportunity to drive sign-ups for loyalty programs.

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There is also length-of-stay to consider. By offering players a way to recharge their devices, they are more likely to remain in the gaming area versus having to leave the gaming floor and possibly not return. This benefit is another valuable tool for casino operators who want every possible amenity available to their players in hopes of increasing their time in the casino.

Attracting More Millennials with a Digital Experience

 In a recent article on Quick Serve Restaurant Kiosks, we illustrated that at over 90 million in population and with over 200 billion dollars in purchasing power, millennials are a market that cannot be ignored.  Casino operators are fervently trying to find a way to connect to this “plugged-in” generation and garner their loyalty as casino patrons.  Millennials appreciate a digital, customizable experience and casino loyalty kiosks, among other technologies, could very well help turn this up-and-coming generation into loyal casino patrons.  By integrating mobile charging stations into loyalty program kiosks, casino operators are ensuring that they are offering the latest and greatest technologies to this high-tech demographic.

Be the next big thing in Las Vegas and beyond by offering your players better amenities and connect with future generations of players like never before. Contact Olea Kiosks today about one of our cutting-edge award-winning casino loyalty kiosk solutions. It is the best bet you can make!

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