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Kiosk Security

Infographic as a PDF: Kiosk Security and Locking Down Your Self-Service Kiosk Kiosk Security Systems 1,200 CIO’s Were Interviewed about what they think are the major security risks of self-service kiosk security systems. Steps to maintaining an effective kiosk security systems Deployers should regularly review the screen activity of their kiosk machines, which screens users are looking at, the order of the screen presentation and the…

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Kiosk Design and Manufacturing

Infographic as a PDF: Kiosk Design and Manufacturing Inspiring the Industry At Olea, we applaud emerging innovations that impact the world and we challenge ourselves to set the standard of quality that inspires the rest of the kiosk industry. We draw on our American spirit of craftsmanship, competitiveness and innovation to produce functional works of art that offer complete solutions to our customers’ unique challenges and…

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Five Myths about Kiosks

Interactive kiosks are finding new and expanded uses across a wide range of business sectors including retail, healthcare, and travel, since they offer convenience for consumers and operating efficiencies for businesses. Kiosks can increase sales, reduce operating costs and improve customer service, yet business people often misunderstand the potential benefits that can be achieved through the use of kiosk technologies. It may be…

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Manufacturing Digital Kiosks for the Future

Olea Kiosks has been manufacturing digital kiosk machines for over three generations for customers around the globe. The company mantra has always been “better kiosks through intelligent design” and that mantra continues to drive the company forward and guide decision-making after three generations of success. As part of the campaign to strive for intelligent design, Olea Kiosks recently in-sourced some of its manufacturing…

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Selecting the Right Kiosk Machine Manufacturer

The business climate is always highly competitive and if you want to stay ahead of your competitors and optimize profits, then maximizing your use of technology and improving efficiency is critical. One way to maximize efficiency and optimize profit is through kiosk machines. We have seen in other articles how kiosk machines can influence consumer behavior, increase operational efficiency, and most importantly, increase…

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Kiosk Buying: A Macro Overview

No matter what kind of kiosk solution you are looking to develop the two major things to consider are what your application does and what hardware it takes to make that happen. As the old adage goes, “form follows function.” Why a kiosk? When considering what service(s) your kiosk system is going to provide users, it’s important to focus on what makes the…

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