Using Customer Loyalty Kiosks to Generate Repeat Customers

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The modern loyalty program was born in 1981, when American Airlines introduced the first frequent flyer program. It now boasts more than 50 million members, and over the past 35 years, loyalty programs have spread to a wide variety of industries including casinos, restaurants, supermarkets, movie theaters and more. Today, more businesses are turning to customer loyalty kiosks as the foundation of their loyalty programs because they not only facilitate signups, but also offer diverse functionality that engages members in multiple ways, helping turn one-time patrons into repeat customers.

Sands Rewards Club Casino Loyalty Kiosk

Loyalty Kiosks for Every Industry

Customer loyalty kiosks have been the cornerstone of loyalty programs in the gaming industry for many years. In a casino gaming environment, customer loyalty kiosks provide an easy-to-access and easy-to-use system that makes signups quick and easy. For existing loyalty customers, these kiosks help to keep these customers interested by offering an easy way to check real-time status on point accruals, member status level and the available rewards bonuses. In addition, loyalty kiosks can be configured with the capability to dispense rewards on-the-spot, including cash vouchers, free meal coupons and even event tickets!

Recently, loyalty programs have proliferated into new industries, and loyalty program kiosks are serving as an important element of successful loyalty programs. One major metropolitan art museum saw a 376 percent increase in membership after they launched a multi-channel loyalty program that utilized loyalty kiosks, email marketing and an interactive mobile phone experience. The kiosks are used not only for signups, but also to check current points and rewards status, and also to create “friends” groups within the loyalty program, which use peer-to-peer outreach to build membership interest.

Similarly, restaurants have seen great success in building a base of repeat customers through loyalty programs. A recent survey found that 57 percent of diners consider their loyalty program memberships when making a dining decision, and in addition, nine of 10 restauranteurs that have a loyalty program believe that it gives them an edge over the competition. With the latest innovations in quick-serve restaurant kiosks (“QSR” kiosks), loyalty-program sign-up functionality can be deployed on an order-entry kiosk, allowing users to complete simultaneously a transaction and a membership sign-up. This is especially important for restaurants that cater to a younger audience as a staggering 96 percent of millennials are members of loyalty programs.

Customizing Loyalty Kiosks for Your Business

Customer loyalty kiosks are an amazing enhancement to one’s business or organization because of their ability to be customized to cater to the needs of diverse business functions in just about any setting, from casinos to museums to big-box retail stores. And regardless of their setting, they can co-facilitate wayfinding, product search, ticket and voucher dispensing and the display of advertising and promotional messages.

In addition, customer loyalty kiosks are easy to operate and even easier to maintain. These devices are practically “set and forget,” which makes them an extremely low overhead choice to operate a loyalty program without the headaches of staffing and training. Top kiosk manufacturers, such as Olea, also provide comprehensive service and warranties so maintaining the kiosk is simple and headache-free.

Endless Possibilities

With so many functions available for loyalty kiosks there are seemingly endless ways in which they can both promote your loyalty program but also serve to facilitate other business functions.

Basic Functions

  • Card printing and dispensing
  • Loyalty account management
  • ID verification
  • Advertising

Custom Functions

  • Ticketing
  • Printing of receipts and vouchers
  • Order-entry
  • Payments
  • Wayfinding

Contact Olea Kiosks Today

Regardless of industry, loyalty kiosks are proving to be an effective way to build a strong base of repeat customers. By using a loyalty kiosk as a cornerstone of a customer loyalty program, businesses are finding that the loyalty program becomes more accessible to users which generates more signups and more active users. Olea Kiosks has been building award-winning interactive kiosks for over 40 years. Contact us today to find out how we can build a loyalty program kiosk that suits your business.

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