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Better Kiosks through Intelligent Design

Infographic as a PDF: Better Kiosks Through Intelligent Design There’s more to designing a kiosk than throwing a computer in a box. Learn how form, function and forethought is used to make a kiosk irresistible to customers. Hundreds of thousands of new Kiosks are being deployed each year in various industries. From retail, to hospitality and healthcare are just a few markets that have benefited…

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The Art and Science of Successful Kiosk Design

Successful kiosk design is both an art and a science, with the best-designed kiosks leveraging appealing esthetic design practices together with the latest technologies. Well-designed kiosks are simple, durable, engaging and empowering. Overall, successful kiosk design creates a compelling package that rewards users and host organizations alike. Simplicity & ease of navigation In terms of successful kiosk design, simplicity is the key. Simplicity…

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How to Ensure Success with Kiosks

Kiosks are a significant investment for any business, so it’s important to plan and deploy them correctly for optimal results. When chosen properly and placed to maximize their use, kiosks offer a strong competitive advantage and exceptional return on investment. Love at first sight The first step toward success is to consider how kiosks’ features may attract or repel users. A good first…

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Kiosk Security

Infographic as a PDF: Kiosk Security and Locking Down Your Self-Service Kiosk Kiosk Security Systems 1,200 CIO’s Were Interviewed about what they think are the major security risks of self-service kiosk security systems. 85% Said not having an anti-virus software up to date poses a risk. 94% Said they were “concerned” about hackers stealing their customers personal information. 62% Admitted to having at one point their self-service kiosk WiFi…

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Kiosk Design and Manufacturing

Infographic as a PDF: Kiosk Design and Manufacturing Inspiring the Industry At Olea, we applaud emerging innovations that impact the world and we challenge ourselves to set the standard of quality that inspires the rest of the kiosk industry. We draw on our American spirit of craftsmanship, competitiveness and innovation to produce functional works of art that offer complete solutions to our customers’ unique challenges and…

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Five Myths about Kiosks

Interactive kiosks are finding new and expanded uses across a wide range of business sectors including retail, healthcare, and travel, since they offer convenience for consumers and operating efficiencies for businesses. Kiosks can increase sales, reduce operating costs and improve customer service, yet business people often misunderstand the potential benefits that can be achieved through the use of kiosk technologies. It may be…

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