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Common Applications of Pay-for-Use Internet Kiosks

Since their debut in 1996, internet kiosks have become regularly used in retail and other entertainment spheres. In addition to providing convenient access to the end user, these kiosk machines also can be a tremendous source of revenue for their owners. These internet kiosks drive profits by offering operators the ability to provide a much-needed service to a very wide audience. While the…

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Ferrari-Inspired Custom Kiosk Design

It’s no secret that Olea Kiosks is known the world over as the “Go to” company for beautiful custom kiosk designs. The way we do this involves loads of voodoo and sacrifices to the design gods. It also involves a whole lot of practice for both our Industrial Designers and myself to keep on the bleeding edge. One such technique are design exercises…

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How Secure Is Your Data?Check Out Our New Malware-Scrubbing Kiosks

Malware attacks can cripple a company’s infrastructure.  Protecting your organization from hidden malicious code is an ongoing challenge for all.  As recent headlines have shown (Duqu, Stuxnet, Flame, etc.), targeted malware attacks are on the rise. Many of these attacks are now coming into secure facilities via external media and devices requiring IT and security professionals to find new tools and solutions to…

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Building Passive Income through Internet Kiosks Can Be Easy

More and more people are discovering that internet kiosks can be a reliable source of passive income. Owning an internet kiosk business allows one to make money around -the-clock and with a very minimal time or monetary commitment needed for operation.  While these kiosks are no longer a novel concept in themselves, generating income from them is still something new to many. Here…

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The ROI Equation of HR Kiosks

Companies that are not already using self-service HR applications may be accruing unnecessary costs on HR and administrative tasks. Due to the evident financial and convenience related benefits of using self-service applications, HR Kiosks are becoming mainstream as a tool for many companies. Industries that have adopted of this technology include government, manufacturing, retail and healthcare. Businesses are streamlining applications with HR kiosks…

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Lead Generation Kiosks

Kiosks can be very useful tools in proliferating information about products and services to consumers. A kiosk can also provide a valuable gateway for potential customers to request contact by a representative with more information, or set up appointments such as consultations by a dermatologist, in home estimates by a window salesman, inspections for heating and cooling systems, apartment home viewings, etc. Any…

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