Common Applications of Pay-for-Use Internet Kiosks

November 9, 2012

Since their debut in 1996, internet kiosks have become regularly used in retail and other entertainment spheres. In addition to providing convenient access to the end user, these kiosk machines also can be a tremendous source of revenue for their owners.
These internet kiosks drive profits by offering operators the ability to provide a much-needed service to a very wide audience. While the cornerstone of every internet kiosk is high-speed internet, these kiosks can also incorporate a variety of entertainment applications such as casual user gaming, office software and photo functions.  At Olea, we collaborate with our clients to design the best application and transaction functionality for the customer’s specific implementation.
Our pay-for-use internet kiosks can be customized extensively, and the following are a few of the most common types that we manufacture:

  1. Basic email/internet kiosk – these are most commonly found in “internet cafes”, and function as they sound – they allow the user to quickly and conveniently surf the internet.
  2. Casual gaming/PC kiosks – these can offer the player a variety of gaming options to choose from in one station.
  3. Photo sharing kiosks – these offer software for photo uploads which give the user the ability to optimize, upload and share their photos.
  4. Office software kiosks – these offer office and business capabilities for processionals traveling. The software varies depending on the kiosk, but generally offers users the ability to create word documents, presentations, spreadsheets and print their documents when finished.