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Self Check-Out Kiosks and Apple Pay

Consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with conducting transactions on their smartphones and other mobile devices, as evidenced by the rapid growth of Apple Pay since its launch in October 2014. With the expected continued expansion of Apple Pay in 2015, it is important that self-service checkout systems, such as interactive retail kiosks, are outfitted with mobile payment options. Infographic as a PDF: Integration of Apple Pay…

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Apple Pay and Interactive Kiosks

The self-service kiosk industry grew 24% globally in 2013, and it is projected to continue this growth trend for at least the next five years[1].  Increasingly, consumers are not only open to the idea of using a self-service checkout option, such as an interactive kiosk, but as the general public’s comfort level with these self-service technologies grow, consumers often demand a self-service checkout…

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How Can Information Kiosks Help Your Business?

Infographic as a PDF: How Information Kiosks Help Your Business Information Kiosks are changing the way companies and shoppers interact. What was once one-way communication is now a two-way dialogue thanks to the advent of information kiosks. 1) Information Kiosks by the Numbers The Information Kiosk industry has been growing at a 40 percent annual growth rate, and the prediction is that 22 million Information Kiosks will be…

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Better Customer Engagement through Interactive Kiosks

Better Customer Engagement Through Interactive Kiosk Machines It’s not a surprise that Interactive Kiosk systems are being deployed in prime retail real estate to offer consumers effective and innovative ways to interact with brands. Retailers also have the opportunity to efficiently reach target audiences to stay competitive in the marketplace. The following are five ways that interactive kiosk machines help you to better…

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Biometric Kiosks Offer Instant Identification and Secure Processing

Biometric kiosks offer an ideal solution for any agency or organization that needs to instantly and accurately identify individuals at checkpoints or transaction point-of-sale locations. And, kiosks with biometric identification capabilities also help schools and businesses keep their spaces more secure. Common deployments for biometric kiosk machines • Police and sheriff departments • Border control applications • Licensing agencies, as for driver’s licenses…

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How Kiosks Are Revolutionizing Industries

Infographic as a PDF: How Kiosks are Revolutionizing Industries As technology keeps improving, it allows us to become more and more efficient. And with the onset of kiosks, a wide variety of industries are taking advantage of new technologies. The following data illustrates how kiosks are revolutionizing industries. Healthcare Industry Healthcare and Medical Kiosks make medical training easier with all the helpful educational apps offered…

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