Medical Kiosks: The Next Generation’s Doctor’s Office

November 5, 2012

The need for efficient healthcare service continues to grow, especially as the total volume of patients increases. This creates the ideal role for medical kiosks. For years, these types of kiosks have streamlined many of the applications associated with hospital and medical visits. By automating many of these interactions, more efficient healthcare service is available to patients through 24/7 accessibility. The following are a few ways that medical kiosks can help hospitals better service their patients:
Physician communication portal – With this communication portal, physicians have quick and easy access to the patient’s information which can speed the intake process. Healthcare professionals can quickly access information such as the reason for the patient’s appointment and other information that may relevant to their visit.
Patient check-in/check-out –  Medical kiosks can expedite patient check-in and check-out without involving staff. As a result, it reserves more time for personnel to provide more attentive care. In addition, simple transactions, such as submitting insurance and paying for services, can be handled through the medical kiosk.
Nutritional planning kiosks – These kiosks can help promote patient nutrition by offering cholesterol measurements, recipes, weight loss solutions and general wellness programs. medical kiosks are a great way to communicate good health practices to a wide audience.
Patient communication portal – Medical kiosks can offer patients a voice within their healthcare environment. These kiosks can facilitate real-time feedback though surveys and comments. This is a great way for healthcare facilities to gain insight into patient preferences which can help to improve the patient experience and enhance customer satisfaction.
Hospital Kiosks – With directory capabilities, these kiosks can help alleviate waiting room congestion and help direct patient flow to the correct locations within a hospital or healthcare facility.

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