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Check-in Kiosks—From Simple to Highly Sophisticated Access Control

A check-in kiosk is a touch-screen device allowing individuals to self-check-in for a meeting, an appointment, travel, or similar. Check-in kiosks allow businesses, clinics, and facilities to control the visitor experience while extending the check-in process to a self-service. Check-in kiosks are sometimes referred to as visitor management systems or virtual receptionists, but each does essentially the same fundamental activity of checking people in. …

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Picking the Right Peripherals for Your Kiosk: Everything You Need to Consider

Looking to add some peripherals to your self-service kiosk? This informational guide breaks down everything you need to know. You selected the perfect standard kiosk model. It has a streamlined design, is aesthetically pleasing, and the best foot-print for your environment. While it seems like the ideal fit for your organization’s needs, you wish it had a few more perks. Luckily, it’s often…

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What Makes a Kiosk Custom?

Will a standard kiosk suit your organization, or do you need custom units? Here’s everything you need to know to understand the process. Today, you will find kiosks everywhere. But that doesn’t mean they all look or even function the same. When it comes time to create your self-service kiosk solution, your company can choose from many options.  Some look for something most…

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Deploying Kiosks

Why did your organization decide to move to self-service technology initially? Revisiting that question will help you avoid these pitfalls when deploying kiosks. Deploying kiosks is an exciting endeavor. Entering the world of self-service technology streamlines operations and helps boost the customer experience—at least, that’s what you told yourself before ordering the machines. Unfortunately, too many organizations simply check the box on their…

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A Guide to Self-Service Kiosk Pricing

Want to deploy a self-service kiosk but are curious about the cost? This pricing guide breaks down what to expect. After deciding to integrate a kiosk program, organizations want to know how much it will cost. To the outsider, this may seem like a simple question. However, there are a lot of factors that go into figuring out the total price. Kiosks are…

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Self-Service Kiosk Greeters: Bridging the Gap Between Humans and Technology

“Please check-in at the kiosk. Let me help you.” Hearing these simple words from a greeter makes patrons more willing to adopt new self-service kiosk technology. Do organizations need greeters to manage self-service kiosks? Kiosks are deployed to improve visitor flow by eliminating congestion at traditional reception desks and box offices. However, that doesn’t mean a need for actual human-to-human interactions no longer…

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