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Helping Hospitality, Retail Return to Profitability

There’s no disputing it, the pandemic has created significant disruption for hospitality and retail leaving the industry questioning what to do next to regain much needed revenue from their operations. During this time, self-service kiosks have been instrumental in keeping quick-serve, fast-food, stores, and hotels, resorts, and other hospitality venues operating.  Not only have self-service kiosks enabled these businesses to process transactions with…

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Are Your Kiosks Working Overtime?

How to build a business case for professional services and support. We know many self-service kiosk solutions have been working overtime during the pandemic, so it may be time to think about how you can keep them performing to their best ability. For many organizations today, it makes good business sense to invest in a professional service and support plan as these systems…

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Attracting Attention: 8 Ways to Increase Kiosk Usage

A self-service kiosk isn’t a “set it and forget it” proposition. Getting customers to use that kiosk takes a bit of effort. When a company incorporates a self-service kiosk into its operations, one of the key challenges it faces is how to encourage people to use that kiosk. In a restaurant, the more people use a self-order kiosk, the more time staff will…

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Explore How Self-Service Kiosks Are the Ultimate Back to Business Solution

Do you need a solution to help your business return to peak productivity and profitability following COVID-19? Explore our self-service kiosks. As you return to business following the COVID-19 pandemic, do you have the solutions in place to help your business operate at peak productivity and profitability? If you are like most businesses, you may find you are operating at 50% capacity or…

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Back to Business–Customer Experience in a Post-Covid World

Recorded Webinar–June 16, 2020 After a very long three months in lock-down, we’re finally getting back to business, but it’s not business as usual.   Regardless of the changes that are required from our governments as it relates to keeping people safe and reducing the risk, our customers and guests are still looking for customer experience. They still have expectations for faster service, convenience,…

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Keeping Kiosks Consistent

A kiosk that can be adapted to nearly any type of location can be a tremendous money saver while delivering a great experience. Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, and the layout of a particular operation is likely to vary based on location. The floor plan of a retail location in a downtown shopping district, for example, is likely to be much…

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