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Cash Payments Kiosks: How to Meet the Payment Needs of All Customers

Is cash dead, or is it still a viable way for your customers to pay for bills, goods, and services? If you are like most business owners, you are trying to identify the best methods to collect payments amidst a rapidly changing consumer environment. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) encouraged businesses to use…

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CEFCO Convenience Stores Launches Self-Ordering Technology Using Olea Kiosks

Today, CEFCO Convenience Stores launched new self-ordering technology in two of its Temple, Texas CEFCO Kitchen locations.  The self-service solution includes software company, Reji, LLC, and is deployed on the Austin free-standing kiosk from Olea Kiosks, Inc. Both stores feature CEFCO Kitchen’s new menu lines, including made-to-order Mac & Cheese Bowls, Sandwiches, Grilled Cheeses, and new breakfast offerings to complement their existing lineup…

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What Problem Are You Trying to Solve With Your Kiosks?

As we navigate the re-opening process for workplaces, hospitality venues and attractions, we know it has to be über safe, but it still has to deliver a knock-out guest experience.  It might seem strange to ask this question, “What problem are you trying to solve with your self-service kiosks?” But after the past year of closings, partial re-openings and business restrictions, we have noticed…

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How Much Does an Outdoor Kiosk Cost?

For many, the most important question they have is ‘How Much?’  We’re bringing it up because when we discuss outdoor kiosks and someone hears the costs, they often seem quite surprised.  Yet, all of the considerations mentioned below are extremely important if you’re going to deploy a kiosk outdoors and ensure it’s safe for staff and guests.  Taking the right precautions up-front is…

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Greetly’s Visitor Management System with Temperature Screening

As we start to see the world open back up, it’s important to welcome employees and guests back safely.  Our partner, Greetly, offers a fully customizable visitor management system with temperature screening using our Irvine Kiosk. Organizations can further their digital transformation in the reception area with this cloud-based visitor management system.  Visitors can check themselves in with an easy-to-use application on a…

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Helping Hospitality, Retail Return to Profitability

There’s no disputing it, the pandemic has created significant disruption for hospitality and retail leaving the industry questioning what to do next to regain much needed revenue from their operations. During this time, self-service kiosks have been instrumental in keeping quick-serve, fast-food, stores, and hotels, resorts, and other hospitality venues operating.  Not only have self-service kiosks enabled these businesses to process transactions with…

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