Custom Retail Kiosks Machines For Bon-Ton Department Stores

June 22, 2012

It’s not very often that we’re pushed by a fellow designer to create custom retail kiosk machines that are even more unique than what we’ve already designed for them but this was the case when working with store designers at Bon-Ton on their new Endless Aisle Kiosks. We delivered what I felt was a good looking design but was probably too safe and overly simplified. They came back at us and requested the addition of the rear sign wing so the kiosk could be easily recognizable from afar. They also requested the addition of the brushed Aluminum panels to match existing fixtures within the stores.
Some of the more intricate features of the kiosk include an embedded card swipe reader located in the top edge of the door just below the monitor that allows a very clean gap to swipe a card in. The kiosks also feature NCR’s new dual sided thermal printing technology, and a barcode image scanner that can not only scan product tags but also scan barcodes and QR codes on cell phone screens.
The result as you can see are beautiful kiosk  machines that serve as Endless Aisle Kiosks as well as product look up kiosks. Dual or triple functionality in kiosks is becoming very popular as retailers are finding more ways to service customers and gain a quicker ROI on their Kiosk investment.
Olea Kiosks recently shipped the 106th Kiosk to Bon-Ton as part of a second run of machines after the initial pilot phase proved successful.

Olea Kiosks, Inc. President

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