Healthcare Kiosks Collect More Revenue

February 9, 2017

What do French fries and co-pays have in common? Kiosks can have a meaningful effect on them both.

QSRs and fast casual restaurants quickly learned that kiosks were far better at up-selling than people were. Why? Because kiosks can be programmed to ask for the order every time with every customer.

Likewise, healthcare facilities have seen marked improvements in co-pay and balance collections because unlike busy or reticent staff, they make the ask every time. In addition, because the patient is dealing with a kiosk, he or she is likely more willing to take the time to fumble through a purse or wallet for a credit card instead of demurring in a long line in front of what might be a harried staff person.

A routine ask. The time and room to comply. That’s why kiosks collect more money.