Healthcare Kiosks Enhance Security, Privacy

February 9, 2017

At no other time do people more highly value security and privacy than when it comes to their healthcare. Sensitive, sometimes embarrassing medical conditions in the same milieu with co-pays, deductibles, minimum payments and more create a situation where people can be very guarded about their personal information.

HIPAA laws, of course, bear this out. That’s why kiosks make an ideal partner for helping protect patient health records and financial information.

Healthcare kiosk Benefits

Olea Kiosks knows from firsthand observation that self-service check-in kiosks can help facilities of any size or specialty improve the patient experience.

  • Because all information is entered electronically directly by the patient, nothing needs to spoken and subject to overhearing
  • Software encrypts the data, shielding it from hacks
  • EMV payment devices lock-down payment information
  • Biometrics add the leading-edge standard in personal identification
  • The patient always has control of his or her ID, insurance and payment card data—nothing is handed over or leaves the patient’s view
  • Onscreen privacy filters prevent snooping

Olea healthcare kiosks not only make the exchange of information easier, they make it secure and more private—giving your patients greater peace of mind when they need it most.

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