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Sales is all about finding leads, courting a potential customer and then closing the deal. In a recent survey of 4,500 marketing and sales professionals, 65 percent named their top challenge as finding high quality leads, specifically contact information for possible clients.
To combat this challenge, many forward-thinking sales managers are utilizing digital kiosks placed in everyday, high-traffic locations like malls or grocery stores to organically generate interest in products or services.

These automated sales assistants, called lead-generation kiosks, offer a convenient, non-threatening venue to attract new customers, help make marketing dollars more valuable and log vital information about its interface use, helping sales teams fine-tune pitches and seal the next big deal.

Flip the Script: Customers Approaching Sales Teams?

Lead-generation kiosks reverse the commonly invasive sales scenario; instead of sales people having to somewhat blindly seek out interest in the marketplace, potential buyers are drawn to a kiosk’s interactive interface, and with a click of a button, they send engagement information without having to talk with anyone.

These “warm leads” are far more valuable to sales teams than leads that come from techniques like cold calling because they indicate that a customer is ready to act, whether it be to receive more information or even to make the purchase. One study showed that more than 50 percent of people ages 18-24 acted due to an ad seen through digital signage such as might be used at a lead generation kiosk.

Go Green and Save Money

One of the major advantages in investing in a lead-generation kiosk rollout is the ability to leverage digital marketing and save money by cutting traditional printing costs. While companies still spend billions on print advertising, the fact remains that with the constant growth of digital technologies, people are less attracted to printed material than ever before.
Lead generation kiosks capture customers’ attention with digital signage, video and interactive games, and studies show that more than half of customers consider digital content more eye-catching, unique and interesting than printed material; it also costs 62 percent less per lead to produce.

What’s more, paperless lead generation performs.
One Fortune 500 manufacturing brand captured almost 25 percent more leads over a 13-month period using lead generation kiosks over traditional paper systems. Plus, because the lead generation kiosk perfectly captures the user’s input, the number of leads lost due to bad data input was down 10 percent.

Pinpoint Your Sales Team’s Targets

A customer’s use of a lead-generation kiosk can provide valuable insight into the decision-making process while helping to identify customer pain points and important trends.

Analytics software can be configured to track user interactions, which can generate beneficial data points such as which interface screens have the longest “time on page” and which calls-to-action generate the most clicks and interactions.

Kiosks can also help more clearly define customer demographics by collecting and collating valuable demographic data from the users that engage with the kiosk. This demographic data can then be used to inform future marketing efforts to ensure that a company’s message is properly catered to the attributes of their audience. A better understanding of target markets helps sales teams separate “sales-ready” leads from “possibly later” ones, making follow up more timely, precise and, ultimately, successful.

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Lead generation kiosks can serve as a vital first step to generating new business opportunities. These automated sales assistants can provide a vital source of new leads to support your sales team. Contact Olea Kiosks today to find out how our award-winning kiosks can help you attract new customers.

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