Casino Loyalty Program Kiosks Are on a Winning Streak

July 25, 2014

Casino gaming and loyalty program kiosk s are having a recognizable economic impact by providing winning solutions for gaming and entertainment businesses across a variety of niches, especially for player loyalty, ticketing and advertising functions.
Casino loyalty program kiosk systems are low-maintenance, high-ROI profit centers. They reduce overhead costs, create a more efficient player experience, and help to keep players fully engaged.
Today’s gaming kiosk designs offer a wide range of functions, from player loyalty and enrollment applications to redemption transactions. Olea’s casino gaming kiosk systems are flexible and customizable to meet the needs of all casino gaming platforms and business models.
Casino Gaming Kiosk System
Casino gaming and loyalty program kiosks
The use of casino gaming and loyalty kiosk systems is increasing rapidly, and is already having a noticeable economic impact in the brick-and-mortar gaming industry. Well-known casinos including Sands, Caesars, Hard Rock, Empire, RIO, and Riviera use kiosks to boost enrollment in their loyalty programs.
One of the key features of casino kiosks is the ability to provide guests with access to information about their player loyalty points, current special offers, and other incentives which all enhance the gaming experience, increase player loyalty, and in the end, generate more revenue for the casino.
One particularly important economic impact of casino loyalty program kiosks is in their ability to draw and hold loyal, long-term customers. Surveys have shown that players enrolled in loyalty programs spend more than the non-loyalty-program players. In addition, loyalty program members are 58%-76% more likely to return to a casino than non-members .
By enabling players to create and manage their own loyalty program accounts, casino kiosks can allow a casino to streamline their staffing requirements. Furthermore, these kiosks provide revenue-generating opportunities through the on-screen and on-device advertising options. Additionally, the ease-of-use of a loyalty program kiosk ensures greater enrollment in the loyalty program, which translates into more return visits and greater long-term revenue for the casino.
Functions include:
• Loyalty card encoding and dispensing
• ID card reading and identity verification
• Display advertising
• Advertising of loyalty program rewards and current promotions
Standard hardware of the Olea Gaming and Loyalty Program Kiosk:
• Printing of player loyalty card
• 2 simultaneous LCD monitors — 19” interactive touchscreen and 24” advertising LCD
• Magnetic card scanner
• Bar code scanner
• Printer configurations from tickets to full-size print outs
• ATM configurations are available
• 16 gauge galvanized steel cabinet
• Amplified stereo speakers
• Durable powder coat finish
• Dual security locks
• High-volume cooling fan
• Internal 6-outlet power strip with surge protection
• Topple-resistant baseplate, features bolt holes for permanent attachment
Benefits of casino gaming kiosks
• Available to the player 24/7/365
• Shorter lines at peak betting hours
• Can be placed at high-traffic locations throughout the casino to increase opportunities for bettors to place bets and ease crowding at teller windows
• Accept cash, vouchers, and winning tickets
• Ability to dispense cash for winning tickets
Two display monitors offer twice the ROI
Olea’s casino gaming kiosk systems feature 2 large LCD monitors – The 19-inch fully-interactive touchscreen, and the 24-inch advertising screen, which can greatly increase the ROI opportunities. While the touchscreen is used to fulfill player transactions, such as verifying identity and dispensing loyalty program cards, the upper display monitor allows a casino to advertise current and future promotions or sell the advertising space to their sponsors.
Casino gaming kiosks offer sports book betting
Beyond loyalty program functionality, gaming kiosks also offer easy solutions for self-service sports book applications. These kiosks help operators increase betting revenues while reducing labor costs, and provide a high level of convenience for the sports bettor.
Olea’s custom casino kiosk solutions allow for self-service users to legally and quickly place bets, access sports and handicapping information, and receive local promotions.
Casino gaming kiosks let sports book operators delivers 24/7/365 betting access along with powerful interactive functionality that enables a sports gambler to easily place bets in a simple touch screen interface.
Casino gaming kiosks are the ticket to success
For more than fifteen years, Olea’s kiosks have been used in numerous casinos in the U.S., Canada, Macau and Singapore. Olea was honored as one of the Sands Top 50 Vendors of 2012, and is also the preferred, trusted provider for users of the Bally Tech software.
If you’d like to increase your gaming revenues, contact Olea Kiosks, the leading developer of kiosk systems for business and entertainment applications.

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