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At Olea Kiosks, our design and engineering team takes pride in developing custom kiosk solutions that exceed the customer’s expectations for both form and function.

TapSnap Portable PhotoboothOne of our latest custom solutions, the TapSnap portable photobooth, is a perfect example of how we are able to integrate innovative technology with a cutting-edge aesthetic.  When TapSnap approached with their specifications for a portable photobooth solution, we were excited to take on the challenge of designing a kiosk that would have a beautiful design, ensuring that it will be the focal point of any event or venue where it is deployed.  In addition, the photobooth needed to be portable, highly interactive, user-friendly, and support optional modular features.  The end product is something to behold and has been deployed by TapSnap for such major corporate clients as Fox Sports, Red Bull, American Airlines, Subway Sandwiches, Hyundai, Home Depot, and more.

The TapSnap portable photobooth is jam-packed with features, including:

  • 42” Multi-Touch Display:

The centerpiece of the photobooth is an elegant 42” multi-touch display.  The “four point” multi-touch functionality allows up to four users to interact with the screen at the same time.

  • Extremely Portable:

The 42” monitor can be removed for a high level of portability.  All of the top-of-the-line components and peripherals are lightweight and highly portable as well.  The entire unit can be transported in the back of an SUV, is narrow enough to squeeze through small entryways, and is designed for quick and easy deployment in any venue.

  • Top-of-the-Line Canon Camera:

The booth features a best-in-class Canon camera that is capable of shooting high resolution video or still photos.

  • Full-Size Photo Printer:

The unit is also equipped with a full-size photo printer that is able to print full-color 4×6 photos on-the-spot.

  • Small Footprint:

The small footprint of the unit, which is roughly the size of a sawhorse, allows for deployment in small spaces.  The base of the unit provides ample real estate for customized branding and messaging.

  • Lightweight and Durable:

The unit is manufactured from aluminum for weight savings to increase portability, yet extremely durable to hold up to the rigors of a high number of users.

  • Modular Construction:

The photobooth is modular, to create added flexibility in how it is deployed.  The camera, for example, can be mounted on both sides of the unit to adjust to the flow of traffic.

  • Custom User Interface Software:

The customized software allows users to edit and modify their photos, and then quickly share their images via social media directly through the multi-touch interface.

TapSnap Mobile Photobooth Profile View

Frank Olea, CEO of Olea Kiosks, embraced the challenge of developing a custom kiosk that would satisfy the client’s needs for portability, durability, aesthetic elegance, and a highly interactive and intuitive user interface.   “We built the unit with an all-white elegant aesthetic so that it would have universal appeal for weddings, corporate events, and more,” says Olea.  In addition, Olea said that it was important that all aspects of the unit were designed and manufactured with portability in mind.  “We knew that sometimes the TapSnap team would be carrying the unit through small passageways or in to people’s backyards.  TapSnap was designed with portability in mind.  You won’t find anything like it on the market right now.”

As with all Olea Kiosks, the unit was also manufactured to be extremely durable and withstand a high volume of users.  While maintaining the lightweight form was important, Olea’s highly skilled machinists also ensured that the photobooth would stand up to the rigors of travel and be able to handle high user volume that can occur at a busy corporate event or trade show.

Olea’s world class design and manufacturing team take pride in building cutting edge kiosks that excel in terms of both form and function.  Contact Olea today to find out how your vision for a custom kiosk can become a reality!

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