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Olea Kiosks is glad to attend 2016’s HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year’s conference is themed “Transforming Health Through IT” which is exactly what Olea Kiosks is doing with the release of its new Verona Healthcare Kiosk.

This healthcare check-in kiosk revolutionizes the way patients arrive and check-in to their appointments. It vastly improves waiting times and its best-in-class ADA compliance makes it the optimal choice in a healthcare setting. The kiosk also provides patients with an opportunity to complete check-in tasks and forms electronically, thus eliminating the need for paperwork and manual data entry.

Benefits of a streamlined check-in system are highlighted by the significantly decreased waiting times. According to numerous studies, time spent waiting is misperceived by people to feel longer by 36 percent. This only worsens if people are ill or uncomfortable, which is often the case in a healthcare setting. Providing a streamlined check-in process with a healthcare kiosk is a wise investment in patient satisfaction.

Best-in-Class ADA Compliance

What is unique about the new Verona Healthcare Check-in Kiosks from Olea is that this kiosk can travel over 10-inches to accommodate both someone seated in a wheelchair as well as a user standing in front of the kiosk. This ensures that the kiosk provides easy and comfortable access to those with limited mobility while also providing a user-friendly interface to standing individuals with an easily adjustable screen height.

Connects to World-Class EMR

The back-end of modern healthcare is powered by Electronic Medical Records (EMR). EMR give the Verona the ability to securely transmit health data – in a compliant manner – and enable technology to improve patient outcomes. Committed healthcare kiosk manufacturers like Olea Kiosks strive to incorporate integration into a wide array of EMR platforms to ensure that every patient has unencumbered access to healthcare kiosks. The Verona Healthcare kiosk integrates with leading platforms such as Epic, Siemens, and McKesson.

Payments at the Touch of a Screen

Payments have never been easier and more secure than with Chip and Pin enabled card readers that meet EMV compliance standards. Now patients can use self-service options to handle account balances during check-in and free office staff to focus on other tasks.  In addition to the convenience afforded by payment through a kiosk, by processing co-pays at the time of patient check-in, medical offices see an enhancement to their revenue cycle by decreasing the lag that often occurs when requiring patients to pay post-visit.

Optional Features

The Verona can easily accommodate language translation capabilities as a software option integrated into the kiosk.  For medical offices that are servicing a multilingual audience, this feature is a must-have for any patient kiosk.  With the translation functionality, you can be sure that the content on your kiosk is providing a high degree of usability for the majority of your audience.

The Verona can also provide wayfinding capabilities, which is a critical feature for larger medical facilities.  With the ability to provide directions and display maps, the Verona is a great option as a greeting kiosk for larger offices.

In addition, another optional feature of the Verona is the integration of patient satisfaction questionnaires.  Gathering client feedback during the check-in or check-out process can be very beneficial in understanding the positive and negative aspects of a medical practice. The instantaneous nature of a survey conducted through a kiosk ensures that a provider has immediate notice of any major issues during a patient experience.

Additional Customization Features

Customization is also possible, including barcode scanners for patient identification, pin pads for entering authentication codes, web cameras to capture a photo of the user for their file, and more. Always keep in mind, however that Olea Kiosks believes in never limiting the imagination. We work closely with our clients in specking-out and building world class customized kiosks.  If your application requires advanced customization, we will work with you on finding the right solution.

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